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Jacqueline's Blog - The Truth in the Light

The energy swirls in the last couple of days have been complex and frustrating.   I know people have been affected by the ever moving world we live in, literally.   In the night, my name was whispered and off world I went in search of the caller.

I walked up the path of my hill, past my beloved tree and stood on the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea.  The storm is closer, sitting just off the head land, whirling, seething mass of greys, purples and blues, the clouds turn on each other like angry fans, jostling each other at a foot ball match.  I watch as lightning bursts across the sky in angry flashes, brilliant and intense.  Distant rumbles of thunder, emotions kept under wraps, bursting like balloons pricked with sharp needles.

I sigh, part of me is incredibly frustrated by the events that are playing out in my world.  I sneak away here to this other world where there is peace, harmony and love, but with my connection to the physical, this storm intrudes slightly into my world.  Seems at times a reminder that I have work to do in a chaotic physical realm.    A hand lightly touches my arm and I turn to see Deena and Elissa, standing beside me, ethereally luminous and radiating love, wisdom and light.  They smile delightedly.

"I heard someone call me?"  I ask.   "Yes" Elissa answers, "We wanted to talk to you about holding onto the truth in the light".    "Sounds intriguing? What does it mean?"    I glance again at the storm and decide I don't want to stand where I can see the darn thing.  In my mind, "Beach" and we are standing on the beach, sand as rich and warm as a caress, I dig my toes in and plop down on the sand.     Elissa continues "When things get very hard work in your world, it can seem that you start to question what we give you.  You worry you have given the right advice, heard us correctly, understood what we needed to convey.  You get preoccupied by others problems and worry that you have done enough for them, whether they will be alright.     Please understand that you need to give your concerns to us, for within the truth of the light, we will lead the way forward for you, give you reassurance and love, patience and wisdom."  

 I look at her, beautiful chocolate coloured hair lightly moving in the slight sea breeze, eyes as blue as the sky behind her, wisdom of the ages, older than time in her knowledge.  I sigh again.  "Elissa, you make it sound so easy.   I hope I am not complaining, but it is hard in the changes of the world, the doubt in people's hearts, the hope that it will be okay, feels like a tremendous amount of pressure at times and I so worry that I have got the information properly for them".  Deena leans against me, calm in the storm, wraps me in her energy and gives me a hug.

"Follow the light, like you have always done, stay within the trust, and the truth of the light and we shall help you always to do the work we have asked you to do.   If you trust us, then trust that we will give you the truth within the light always."   I sit between my two beloved guides and think about it.  I know that we need to truly hold onto hope, faith and love and persevere.  These are such amazing emotions, they can truly keep us moving forward with their truths.    

I look out to sea, all of what they have said is true and in the times we get stuck, make sure to hold onto your light, the truth of who you really are and know that for everything that we experience, it is what we need to grow and be who we really are.   I choose to walk in the light, to know that if I hold onto the positive emotions and not let the negative emotions grow, that in the end the positives will pull me through any situation.    As I have said, we are all so unique, so amazing and so in this journey together.  Find the truth of the light within you of who you are and stand your ground as you.  Life will swirl around us all, changing, disrupting, growing us, but the truth of the Light within and acceptance of this will keep us all moving forward.   Be the Light and Shine.