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Jacqueline's Blog - The Stubborn Lotus Blossom

You know I laugh a lot at what the Guides show me and tell me in the stories they weave, for many of the lessons are for me as well as to be shared, and if there is one thing that I have in spades is stubbornness!    Patient at this time of change and reluctant to interfere in the things that I NEED to decide for myself, the Guides wait, watching and loving.  This morning I ask Tai for a story and I am immediately transported up a craggy mountain to a small pool hidden at the very top.  Beautiful scenery and lily pads everywhere.   The beauty of the place is amazing and the peacefulness is so very welcome.

He gestures to a rock beside the pond and I perch fascinated to be taken so quickly from where I was to this gorgeous place under a blue, blue sky, sun warming my back.   Tai seats himself opposite me across the small pond and gestures to the lilies.  He begins the story of the Lotus Blossom.

The Stubborn Lotus Blossom:

Once there was a beautiful pond, set in a small deep crevice on the very edge of a mountainside.  Set high above the people, the only ones who saw the beauty of this pond, were the eyes of the world.    The Sky gazed down lovingly down on the pond and the lilies growing there.     The birds circled and the frogs croaked and the world was good.    The seasons changed and as the Spring came the lilies started to blossom.  Beautiful pinks and whites littered the small crevice pond.   One lily put up a large bud high into the air and it waved on the breeze.   Tightly closed the bud stayed in the breeze, waving gently.

The weeks passed and still the bud would not open.  The other lilies had finished flowering and settled back into the mud of the pond happily.   The sky leaned down and cajoled the bud, "Open your eyes little one, for the world longs to see your beauty".   The bud shook its head stubbornly.   The days passed and the Sun and the Moon popped their heads around the days and nights, craning for a look at the stubborn bud.   The Stubborn bud, shook its head.

The bud's thoughts were simple.   It feared the world, it wondered that its purpose would be to just show it's face and die.  It wondered and feared a great many things and so it decided it would be safer to keep its eyes closed to the world and the days passed.

One night there came a terrible storm, it blew up the mountainside like a hurricane and pounced into the crevice where the Lotus blossom had its head above the water.   The Storm seized the bud and ripped it from the pond, pulling it high into the night sky and throwing it around in the wind.   The bud terrified opened its eyes, unfurled it's petals of the lightest, brightest gorgeous pinks, to see itself thrown to the ground way below the pond in the mountain, down into the land of men.

The storm left the bud battered on a roadside, her roots exposed to the sun, and her petals crushed by the tempest.   A small boy was passing later in the morning and found the bud by the side of the road.   He picked up the flower gently and gasped at the beauty of her colours.   "Aren't you beautiful!" he exclaimed to the now bruised and torn flower.   He gently carried the broken Lotus Blossom home.   He placed her roots into a small water filled container and propped the flower against the window for his mother to see when she returned from work.

The broken flower looked out into the world of man and was delighted.  If she had only opened her eyes sooner she would have seen the world as the magnificent place it was.  Now she was dying crushed by the beating of the storm and the descent from the mountain.   The Mother of the boy arrived home and looked at the beautiful, bruised and crushed Lotus Flower with its wilting petals.   She turned and hugged the small boy.   "Thank you" she said, "Thank you for thinking of me and bringing me such a beautiful gift".

In the next couple of days, the Lotus Blossom, withered and died.  The boy buried the roots in the garden for where they lived there was no pond, no water and no place for her to grow.   She had lived such a short life all of her own doing, failing to see that opening herself to who she was supposed to be, in all her glory, had simply cost her all of her life....


Life is sometimes scary, sometimes we are incredibly indecisive about our value, our worth.   What we forget a lot is that time is always passing.  Always.  While we can fear failure, rejection, hardship and loss, these are all the things that weather us, like small storms to let us shine in our inner beauty.  There is no failure.  The failure is in not being who you are.  You are a beautiful being having human journey, with all its trials and learnings, experiences and growth.   You don't owe it to anyone to be more than that.  YOU owe it to YOURSELF to shine as the beauty you are inside.   Dare to open your eyes to who you NEED to be just for YOU.   Shine!