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Jacqueline's Blog - The Cost of Indifference

People are interesting, intriguing, amazing and complex.   Always when I am around people I am extremely conscious that you are stories, walking books full of experiences, dramas, complexities and growth.  Part of me when I read people and Spirit give me the ability to see inside you, your dreams, hopes, failures and fears, feels like continuing to read the interesting book that you are to see if you complete what you want to do.   Is it fortunate?, or unfortunate? like the everlasting fairy tale, that has so many options, that I cannot see that far.   I completely rely on your loved ones in spirit, or your guides to shed light on direction and choice of what your options are for the future and because this is your course, your journey, your goals.  These glimpses of twists and opportunities in the story of your life vanish from my thoughts because they were truly never mine to begin with.  

The one thing that I always do notice is that if you have been hurt in different ways, or have had an enormous amount of dramas and learning.  There is sometimes something that happens.  Not all the time but in some people yes it can.  This is when in learning lessons, growth, wisdom and understanding and because you have experienced so much, you can become indifferent to other people's learning and their understanding as well.   Each of our journey is so unique, similar to anothers' true, but a world of difference in between.  When we start to become indifferent to others learning, we start to build what I call a "lock" on the front of our hearts.  It starts for me visually as a shadow, different from the shadows of loss, this one is muddier in colour, built upon by unhappiness and resentment of learning.   It is the one that makes us go "You know what?  I had this happen in my life too, you need to build a bridge and get over it", hmmm this builds the start of the shadow.  As more situations happen around us involving others and our tolerances change,  over time and situations we "solidify" the colour and it turns into a dirty, dark grey coloured padlock.   It is weighty, heavy and locked tight.  It makes us completely indifferent to others pain, in the area we were most affected, but more importantly it affects YOU.  The darn thing is really heavy.  The worst part?   You can build more and more of these padlocks and they become weightier and weightier as you close down parts of your heart that makes you care about people and their trials, learning and growth.   

The cost of this indifference?  For me, always it leads to physical manifestations of heart problems, chest problems, breathing problems. Closely linked to the expression of emotions.  The ebb and flow of energy around your heart chakra is stunted, ill flowing as heavily polluted stream that once shone with brilliance and luster in the early morning light.   Also it makes us not listen to others when they need to talk about their problems, their issues as well and we become known for being intolerant and indifferent to others needs and requirements and in turn others do this to us, all because of a need, we think, to protect ourselves.

Part of our learning is to have acceptance, of self, of learning AND importantly of others.  For when we don't pay attention or care, the Universe (which is just a great big equaliser) gives us what we need in learning to re-equalise the equations of our life.  This is an impartial re-equalisation, it will have learning in it, and it will be indifferent in itself as to whether it's a good learning or a negative one, it will simply be to restore the balance in your own life.   When this happens, we run the risk of building another padlock.... Vicious cycle really.

Take the time to truly look at you, look at the areas of your life where you feel learning has made you non motivated, dispassionate, indifferent or disillusioned.   You have the control over what you retain at a psychological level and spiritual learning level.  You cannot immediately shunt all the padlocks aside, but you can revisit the circumstances that made you put them there and forgive the learning of that situation, the necessary growth you needed at a soul level, but become more tolerant and understanding towards others.   Their journey's have been just as complex as yours at their own level.     Indifference, heavy, weighty and health affecting.... Don't have the cost of indifference affect you.