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Jacqueline's Blog - The Colour of Love...

I'm on my rock in the "In between", I have my feet in the sea, the wavelets tickling around the rock like small giggling children.  I am deep in thought,  I have been asked heaps of questions about Love lately.    It is an incredibly powerful emotion, but do we really understand it?    The love that I feel back from the Spirit world to their loved ones is dreadfully hard to explain to them when their people come through.   How do you explain a wave of understanding, longing, recognition, bliss, hope, peace, delight and warmth all rolled into one and directed on such a divine vibration that you want to experience that feeling again and again.   That that emotional wave can make you blink tears just with the sheer intensity of it, coupled with laughter, memories and delight again.     I have but a few moments to convey in words that feeling.

I flick water out off my toes back at the sea, blue/green ever-moving and tangible.  I wish love was more consistent to portray.   We have moments of intense love but we have the ability to make those moments lasting and our way of life.  It seems such a shame to me that we hide this greatest part of us away, like a vulnerable piece of us, when it has the power to sustain and light our life.      Cassandra makes an appearance to the side of me.  Hair streaming around her golden and waving, her skin smooth and sparkling with intensity.  She flips wings gracefully in behind her, crimson and golds, this beautiful Angel is the perfect person for me to see to question about Love.

I smile delightedly at her.  How can I also explain that the mere presence of her, can make your heart sing with the beauty of her, the wisdom, the knowledge and the acceptance.  "Yay! the very Angel I need"  She laughs and my vibration resonates with the echoes of pure delight, and joy her laugh brings.   I am sure endorphins surge when the Angels laugh, I really am.   "Cassandra?  What's the colour of Love?  In Angel Speak so that people understand?".     She comes very close to me and perches beside me on the rock, I gaze into her eyes, older than time, sparkling with joy, wisdom and truth.

"The colour of Love?  Hmm, the colour of Love, is Christmas morning, the delight of a child of the unknown gifts.   The colour of Love is a dewy morning, when light glistens on a drop on the blades of grass.   The colour of Love is the silence of a moon light beach, no footsteps in the sand.   The colour of Love is the cry of a new-born child, and the tears of a Father's joy.   The colour of Love is the echo of forgiveness of hurts.   The colour of Love is the colour of blood, the wonder of life.   The colour of Love is the lick of an ice cream on a hot summers day.  The colour of love is memories of dancing in the rain.  The colour of love is an elderly couple hand in hand on a bench at twilight.  The colour of Love is dreams, magical and real, the wonder of it all.  The colour of Love, is you"

I am conscious that I am holding my breath, for each of the things she has rattled off has brought back a swathe of memories, of delights, of experiences.   The colour of Love is simple.  The colour of Love is being, experiencing, delights, sadness, joy, sorrow, frustration, beauty.   The colour of Love is LIFE.      In its colour, its diversity, its wonder are many, many shades of colours, all the colours of LOVE.    We underestimate how much we experience here, when all can be experienced from our hearts.      Our world resonates with LOVE and yet we have a little understanding of how to give, to receive and recognise it.

How can we contain all that we feel in "I love you" unless we embrace all that there is to love.   Experiences, laughter, joy and delight.  These are not things we have to strive to do, these are things we can accept and easily give to others as well.  If you love yourself and see the value in all that you are, then you are LOVE.    How simple is that?      Cassandra watches me to see if I get it completely, she is patient and gentle.   "What if that's just too simple?"   She laughs again, and even the sun in my world, shines brighter for the laughter and her delight.

She leans in closer and smiles. "In its simplicity, it is even more colourful!"    I laugh now because she is right. The colour of LOVE is life, is experiences, is memories, and all the emotions that come with it.  So the Colour of Love is simple.  It is US, our World, our Emotions, woven like colours in a complex tapestry of LIFE, the colours are as dull or rich as we create them.    Think  about how you want to colour your life with LOVE, do you want a LIFE rich with colourful memories, delights and pleasures of being or a dull, woven, routine, structured, colourless LIFE.   Colour your life with LOVE and change the colours of YOU.  So delightfully simple!