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Jacqueline's Blog - The colour of Indifference

In the "Inbetween" I was talking with Tobias about the changes in people's temperaments since the earth quakes.   Perched on the top of the cliff overlooking the sea, storm in the distance, rolling and squirming, we talked about people.

People in times of stress develop tendencies that they didn't have before the quakes, or at least they weren't as obvious as what they are now.   Some are "coping", one foot in front of the other and look mildly disturbed when there is a rumble.   Others are "meerkats", whose heads pop up at a rumble, startled glances, look around and decide "nope, it's okay" and keep going.   Others look incredibly stressed most of the time as if they are waiting for a bomb to go off.

Tobias tells me the worst tendency is to be indifferent to the quakes.  Not for any other reason but if you become indifferent to changes like the quakes, then you become indifferent to other things happening in your life, you emotionally shut down and stop caring about yourself and others.   The colour of indifference is a washed out pale green.   Doesn't mean you have to let the earth changes affect you completely but indifference is a lack of caring about situations and people.    Sometimes when we experience such a large sudden change to our lives, we become very focussed on ourselves and become indifferent to other people's needs as well.    We are all experiencing at some level the same challenges and changes as everyone else.   Make sure to not become indifferent to people just because they are finding getting back on their feet more challenging than you are.

There have been many opportunities for learning Tobias tells me, for all of us that have experienced the changes.  There are those of us, who outside the quake area that feel guilty that we are okay and haven't experienced as much.  There are those who have simply left to begin new lives in other centres.  Some have dug in as much as they can and are bringing back normality to their lives and families.  None of these changes are bad, they have given us a connection as a community but also these changes have given us room to be grateful for what we do have, that before we had taken for granted.

Take a moment to acknowledge that our growth has been huge in the aftermath, that our tolerances are changed temporarily and try not to become indifferent to those who are not coping as well as others in the passage of time since the quakes.   There is different levels of understanding in all of us and the bottom line is that we all have experienced the same thing just to different levels.  Be kind, understanding and caring.   Indifference is the worst colour, once seeped into your aura, very difficult to remove, and will affect more and more situations.   Be kind to others and most of all be kind to you.