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Jacqueline's Blog - Sunflower yellow, Solar Plexus Chakra

Over the last couple of months I have been tracing and tracking what people are doing with their Solar Plexus Chakra.   This energy centre is where we give out also energy to others.   When this centre becomes drained, we can feel like we have an empty stomach, or that our stomach feels like it is stuck to the back of our spine.   You simply have NO more energy to give others.

You have forgotten that you are equally important in the scale of things but have depleted all your supplies of energy radiating outwards.

It works a little like this.   Say you work with people who are heavy, depressive and frustrating.  You go in every day happy and smiling, but over the course of the day you start to feel dragged down by them, heavier and heavier, until by the end of the day you leave and think I feel sick to my stomach or have stomach ache.    Simply what has happened over the course of the day is that your energy has been slurped away by your work mates.      Your physical body is manifesting a distinct physical reaction to the loss of your energy.

Interestingly we can recharge our energy over night but exactly the same thing happens.  If you are "sensitive" or "empathetic" to others you will notice this drain more and more.   Other ways it affects us is by our clothing, when you become very drained by others, you can look at your wardrobe and choose black or grey a lot, simply because your energy is feeling so depleted that it seems it cannot "handle" the colours.   Once you have reached this stage you seriously need to review how you recharge yourself, because left like this, it settles again in the physical and normally people start to get illness after that much depletion.

The colour you need to "top up" your solar plexus is yellow.  A lot of people screw up their nose at that.  Often people say to me "Eeeeuw I can't wear yellow, I look revolting".   LOL!    Well normally it works this way as well, the colour you cannot "stomach" is the colour you usually need the most!       We underestimate how much we need colour in our lives as well, we pay very little attention at times to our energy centres simply because we cannot "see" them, however we can fully feel the problem when it arises!

So best advice?  You NEED yellow!  Especially at this time of change in Universal Energies, people are feeling stuck, unmotivated and lacking in enthusiasm, you so need YELLOW peoples!        Do this little exercise to see if you need Yellow as much as I think you do.   Challenge Spirit to "show" you yellow throughout your day.   Challenge them to draw your attention to yellow as much as you need.   If you are truly lacking the colour yellow this exercise will work perfectly!   When you no longer need yellow you will simply stop "seeing" it everywhere.   Give it a go, for you as well.

The world needs cheerful, happy people at this time and after all, when you understand the boost it will give you and more harmony and happiness in your life, you will appreciate it heaps!   So three days, every morning get up and ask Spirit to "shine a light" on the colour yellow for you!   Wear some yellow, eat some yellow.   Give yourself a boost!  and most of all have fun "noticing" all the yellow that Spirit draws your attention to!