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Jacqueline's Blog - Some messages are for everyone...

I am ever in awe at Spirit, the lengths they go to, to show they are okay.  That they can "see" still very much into people's lives, what they are doing, problems, situations, illness etc.    They really haven't left us at all.   Our perception that they have at times really needs to be revisited. On Friday, I had what I call "back to back" readings, when two people come together and you read them one after the other, lovely people, lovely readings and the reconnection just lovely with the ones passed on the other side.   As I said good-bye to my clients and hummed around blowing out the candles I love, I became aware that there was a lady waiting patiently for me to finish. I turned and look at her, she is in 40-50 age bracket with dark curling hair and beautiful eyes.   She is of average build, dressed in jeans and a lighter coloured blouse.   She watches me intently.

"Hi" I say "I'm sorry, I have finished reading for today.  Did you miss connecting with someone?".    She shakes her head "No.   I just wanted to come and talk".    I sit down on the couch in the Studio and she perches on my chair that I usually read from.   "Are you coming for someone tomorrow?" I question. "No, I just came because I could and I wanted to just talk".     Sometimes when Spirit does this it is also for them, for healing of themselves in some things that they want to get off their chest and the message usually applies to us all.    She has such a lovely face, warm and sincere, twinkling eyes.   I settle in, ask her name and what she wanted to say.

"Do you know I would come back in a minute?" She says.  I look startled at her.  She laughs.   "I think everyone wants to come back when they realise what they HAD here but couldn't see for the learning".   She shakes her head.   "I would come back for an hour just to tell every single person that I come across, I love you, and THANK YOU!".      I look at her "Really? Even the awful ones".    I smile at her teasingly.    She laughs. "Yes even the awful ones!".

She looks at me seriously "I never dreamt how much value life had.   You know I kind of took for granted the people in my life really.    I grew up, I explored a bit, and I just thought this is my life.   When I got sick, I still didn't understand quite how special life was, until really there wasn't any more time left, and then I just didn't want to leave".      I nod, for this is such a common understanding that Spirit gives.   One that at times I also take for granted.   When I am passing on messages and Spirit reminds their person ever so lovingly that their life is so important, and they so want them to be successful and enjoy their lives, it's never about massive amounts of money, status or that sort of success, but that they LOVED massively, learned about themselves and others, and ENJOYED their life.    Complete with all the hiccups, understanding and perceived mistakes.

She continues "I wish that people could see how precious each moment is, how filled with opportunity it is.  For both understanding of yourself, but also the richness of the experience."    "Aren't you freer on the other side? Got more understanding?"    She laughs, "Well yes, of course, and you know this.  However, if we really embraced that while we were here, then life would take on a whole new meaning really".       "Aren't we meant to forget?  So that the learning, understanding and wisdom is that much more beneficial?"     She leans into me "Yes BUT we DON'T forget.   Look at children, they get how special the world is, they love and embrace every experience.   It's as we grow we become complacent, logical, ungrateful and cynical in our understanding of the specialness of our lives.    For an hour I would like to come back and tell everyone I touch, to HOLD that wonder, to embrace their life and really truly LOVE every single experience as much as they can, the good and the bad.    That's what I would do".    She sits back and smiles.  "Just ONE more time".

I itch to hug her, this beautiful woman, so earnest in her wish and I am filled with empathy for her.    "Sarah?"   "Yes?" she asks "Can I just thank you?  for one moment?"   She looks startled.  "why?"     "Well for coming today, without any of your people being here and talking to me.    Thank you for reminding me, to remind others, that life is meant to be lived, warts and all.   That every single moment of the journey is special and it is really up to us to be grateful for that."

Her face lights up in delight.   "You are welcome!   You know some days I come just to listen, to watch you interact with us, and with your clients.   We watch you pass on our love and we are grateful truly for you doing this".     I look startled, and feel a bit embarrassed  "Why do you do that?"     She laughs "Well for one moment, that connection of loved one with loved one, fills the Spirit Realms with delight of the reconnection, the understanding but mostly the LOVE and healing that comes with the reading."    "oh" I say.     For a moment I get to think about it.  I never thought about how much it affects others in the Spirit Realm, but I suppose it affects us here, when we tell others we have, for a time, connected with loved ones.  It must be the same on the other side as well, I just never thought about it.   As always I learn something else about the Spirit Realms.

We are all truly connected, lovingly, regardless of race, upbringing, or conditioning.   We need to remember that simply and give understanding to others, who also are on this journey too.  They are just as important as us, will struggle like us, will love like us.   We need to be warmer in our understanding this is such an experience and we need simply to give more thought to loving people more and judging people less.    I am truly grateful for Sarah coming to talk as well.  For think of this, if you had only ONE hour left here on the earth plane, to do whatever you wished with, how would you use it.   Would you be like Sarah?   Thank and hug every single person she met?    What would you do with your time?  and more importantly WHAT ARE you doing with your time right now?    Worrying about things that may or may not happen, holding your emotions in check?   Fretting about tomorrows when you are in today?

Come back to the moment, come back to right now.   Tell the people you love, you love them.   Thank the people in your life, no matter what they are bringing, because they too are having their journey and most of all?   Be grateful for the time you have.  Many, many people in Spirit I work with would LOVE that hour back.. just one hour...    Make your own time, make a difference in your world.