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Jacqueline's Blog - Shifts in Frequency.... April bring it onnnnnnnn!

You know last year when the Guides said to me this year would be split into threes or three monthly cycles, I didn't really pay too much attention however, as we have come into this year, Jan/Feb/March, I have realised that definitely the energies outgoing over those months have been a TAD frustrating.  So they have this month called April/May/June, the "planning" months.  I wanted to blog about that simply because the frequencies shifted as April swung in and they are slowly and wonderfully gaining momentum as we travel through this month.

Direct influences on people who started at the start of this month, was a restlessness, a pull to be getting things into motion, start looking at what suits you and doesn't suit you and what you need for yourself.   This brings a distinct "lightening" feeling in self and also a feeling of anticipation back into people's lives.  Well WOOT WOOT, cause its been missing for a time.     They tell me that like any skin that needs to be stretched out of there, is the creaks and groans and twisting, and this happened over the months of Jan/Feb/March, as they heralded frustrations at multiple levels for a lot of people.   Plans gone awry, things not sorting, and challenges from family, and loved ones in difficult and unexpected manners.    Wheeeee gooooooood bye March!!!

April Energy has flicked over with a new renewed lease on life and as these months are the planning months, it is important to be putting plans in place for yourself, renewed motivation and looking at what suits you and doesn't suit you.  While the energy is building nicely, there is still a need to find space to think, to cement into place a sense of well-being and non pressured planning.    The Universe year of Balance 2013 governs us being practical in terms of balances so there is a need to not try to "force" situations but rather adding flexibility to our understanding that we are not to control everything.     Personally I love the frequency that is coming in, bringing the awesome light teal blues and lemons, and shades of lilac, in our own understanding and higher connection with ourselves.

Please also though understand like any metamorphic process, there is always cracking, squeezing and birthing into our new energies, this is only a painful process if we look at the negative aspects and try to hold on to our old expectations, we cause ourselves anxiety, stress, headaches, chest pinches and fatigue.   Allow changes to happen, open your heart and just breathe.   In the flexibility of change, there is such an empowering feeling coming through this year as we give ourselves more and more understanding of who we are.   Becoming more compassionate to our own needs means that you become more compassionate to the world, and we are after all, all in this together.

In this month also of April, and it started at the start of this year, expect to experience more interactions from the Spirit and Angelic Realms, as in our awakening awareness, we are noticing more and more their interactions.   The flashes out of the corners of your eyes, the feeling like someone is walking with you, beside you.   Seeing orbs around you and in photographs more and more. Thinking you could have sworn,  that someone called your name, the upsurge in dreams and intensity in meditations, power surges of emotional flows, please understand you are re-defining your experiences and your awareness is empowering you to see more, experience more at a sensory level.   Embrace the fact that loved ones are so very much wanting to let you know they are around.

Yesterday I had the most wonderful experiences compliments of my Nana in spirit.   All day long I would catch traces of violets on the air, a sure sign that she was around.  Spirit smells are sooo intense but so fleeting at times, do not second guess yourself, for your nose most of the time rarely deceives you.    Also though, every surface I would glance at would have a small purple violet on it, brilliant in its colours, a small stem and then it would fade like sand on the wind.    This was my reminder that even though she was not appearing she was bringing me small gifts of "I am here" and "you are loved".  Personally for me, I embrace these gifts from Spirit and the more you acknowledge them, the more your rational mind stops trying to convince you that you are wrong.

So embrace the changes that the energy of April brings, allow the building anticipation and lighter energies to revitalise you, look after your body, as these transitions can make you more tired, or more energised, and allow yourself to "stretch" into yourself in a loving and compassionate way as our lives and our bodies respond to our own growth.    Start stretching your energies into manifesting wonderful moments, you are in the perfect frequency to empower you!