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Jacqueline's Blog - Right, put your brain down before you hurt yourself...

You know when we are born we are born perfect.  Okay let me amend that, your inner spark, inner knowledge, piece of the true source is perfect.  You are born into a physical world vehicle, with its challenges and its learning.  But in the moment you are born always retained within you is this wonderful spark, you are a living breathing piece of the Universe.   How amazing!

People wonder why I stare at their chests.  Nope, I'm not checking out your gear or whatever, I am looking at your spark, your flame, your truth.  It's in everything that is living, it's bright, some times smouldering in some unhappy people, but it's there.   It's the truth of who you are.   So much information about you, what you are meant to be, what you are here to do, all contained within this one spark.    As I have said a million times before and I know you are all sick of it, it is NOT in your HEAD.   It is in your heart.

I was out yesterday in amongst people in the butchery of all places.   There was a little old spirit man in the corner who winked at me and made me snort.  I raise my eyebrows at him.  "Loitering are we?"  He laughed "That's my son" drops a wink again "Gotta make sure he's running the place right".  I laugh delightedly and startle the heck out of the person next to me, she moves a foot further away from me.

I focus on her, man are her colours flat... Look in her head, uh ole, yep the usual, her brain, split in two, is having an argument with itself.  The gist of the conversation goes like this .. Left side.. I cannot believe that she said that..Right side.. I know but why didn't YOU say something.  Left... What would I have said?  Right side... You could have said something....   She talks verbally to the butcher and I jump.  Man you people are loud.  Your thoughts and then you speak out loud,  no wonder I jump all the time.

Hmm now yes of course I shouldn't have been in her head but for the love of mike.   Put down your brain before you hurt yourself.  We have all done this, picked at ourselves over what we should have done, shouldn't have done, agonised over decisions.  Worried like mad that we made the right choice, offended someone, did something.  No one is telling you this externally it's your own brain doing this to YOU.   I wrap the lady in a blanket of pink light, give her a squeeze and she sighs.  Thanks the butcher and leaves.

The old spirit man says "You not interfering there are you?"  I drop HIM a wink "Never" I say innocently, he laughs delighted and I place my order with the butcher.  Honestly two cents worth from spirit as well!

You know what though, it's true.  Yes I interfere!  Haa Haa, no really.   Put your brain, shoot it, hug it, shush it, whatever.  When you over think everything to that level, it is simply exhausting, give yourself a break!   Go for a walk, hug a tree, have coffee with a friend, STOP AGONISING.    Bring it down to simplicity... I'm alive, I'm well.  Listen to the sound of your heart, a heart beat that can beat in time with the Universe.   Change the way you think and your appreciation.    As women we hate it, when we ask our partners, what you thinking about? and they say "nothing".   Don't get cross.  Try it, try not over thinking everything.

Ask me?   I'd say I'm thinking about being me!  Nothing more nothing less, breathing in and out and being alive!   Try it!