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Jacqueline's Blog - Reassurances from the Guides...

It has been an interesting time in frequency over the last couple of weeks, let alone the whole year!, certainly I know at times we have a tendency to react to our fears and let these overcome the understanding that we actually do have.  Always they tell me there is a choice to believe what we want, to create what illusion that we seek either in comfort or fear.

As Christmas looms with all its busyness and the 21.12.12 hype slowly starts to fade, I have been listening to the Guides talk this morning and I would really like to take this opportunity to share some words from the three I work with the most.    I have had a plethora of emails asking me for reassurances, understanding and love around the 21.12.12 focus.  Willingly I have replied to people however, I think it is important also for me to share what the Guides have given at this time.

Firstly Tai,

"You need at this time to acknowledge and thank yourself for all you have undertaken in the passage of time to this point you are at.  Understand that there is a need for understanding that there was never to be a catastrophic change to the beloved earth.  The changes at this time come at a fundamental level of change in self.    This time has heralded a change in the energy that you have stored in self, in the physical and hidden in your mind, creating blocks and emotional baggage that you have held on to.  As the earth time moves forward into the newer lighter energy of the New Year, the frequency has enabled us to lift from the vibration of the earth, heaviness, and greater density.  Simply it was time.   For those who held  and still hold in fear some of the changes, please understand what you create you are, again simply.    If you wish to remain at heavier density, then the physical energy of your body will not respond as well to the earth frequency changes, that is all.  However, there is no negativity in this simply, we give you this understanding.   Governed by Free Choice, it was always your choice to choose what you embrace. For those who recognise the need to change and move forward in a positive light, you open your heart to the new energy, again you create who you are.    There is no right, there is no wrong, there is simply choice.

Going forward remember this...  What you think, you create, what you create you are.  Your choice.  Manifest energy in thoughts, richly, lovingly, and be all you can be and allow the world to see you richly, and lovingly.  It is really that Simple.

From Hiatte:

Oh the challenges of the year, you have done so well.   Can you not truly see through your own eyes, the beauty now of you?   For us whom have travelled so very far with you, held you in your tears, your worry, and your fears.  Celebrated your achievements and your wonder at the changes in direction in your life, we celebrate the beings you are for the challenge of being on the earth plane at this time.    The Angelic Realms adore your willingness to open your hearts to the new energy.   Open your hearts and allow our loving light energy to embrace you on your journey, for you were never along, never lost, never misunderstood, nor rejected.   We walked by your side through all of these emotions, wept at your sorrow, cradled you in light and gently rocked you in the sleep time frames.   Understand we will never leave, we have invested so much loving energy into the earth and it's occupants. Please know ever a thought away, we lovingly support your thoughts and celebrate when your intention is pure.  Cast away the weight of the blame of self, and allow your emotional being to release old hurts.   Celebrate also the children of the world you are, for to us, you are all Children of the World, learning and growing. Do not reject these experiences but embrace you within your life, for in our arms you will always be.   Angelic light supports you always in your choice.  Be all you can be.

From Yosiah:

Many, many years ago on the formation of the planet, understand each step, each process has been a collaboration of many, many beings, many lifetimes and many shapes and forms.   Many of you have been adding your energy to this wonderful collaboration and many times, have wondered in the slowness and the lack of learning.   At times disillusioned with the work to bring the Earth to this time and this present place.   Simply by your vested interest, your stubborn belief in the goodness of mankind, the underlying love in your hearts, your belief in the strength of the light, you have enabled slowly this world to start to change.   Please understand the physical being cannot sustain instant change to frequency and energy.   The planet turns slowly with its revolutions for this very reason so as to not damage the physical form.   Understand this also, with your focus on it being a better world, a less negative world, a loving world, you change the energy of the planet.     In collaboration with many others at this time, you shift the energy, raise the energy and enable from your vantage point of working in the earth energy, this change.   We thank you enormously for your contribution, your stubbornness and your loving tenacity, for you simply chose to come at this time for the good of the world and our appreciation is great.   Shine brilliantly as the soul splinter lights of the source you are and open your hearts to the incoming changes.  Trust who you are and again Shine the light outwards that resides within, for of the stars and the earth, of creation you are.


From all of those in Spirit, please understand, they never left you.   A moment away, a thought away, they too walk by your side, forward into the new energy, closer than ever before.   Please know that time after time, they bless you with both their presence and their love.   Take a moment to truly allow that knowledge to come into your hearts.  They only ever left the physical being, the essence of them, who they are, how they contributed to your amazing life, they celebrate with you right at this moment.  Acknowledge and embrace them for they love you always!

To my Beloved Guides, the Councils, the Combined Unity of the beings that look after this world, thank you for sharing, your wisdom, your light and your understanding.   For when we recognise we are not alone in this world, that each of us is, as Yosiah says, a collaborative part of a new era to come, we recognise with our thoughts, our energy and our intention, WE have the power to change the frequency of the world with our focus and our love.

We need to acknowledge that as we move forward into the Universal Year of Balance.   Accept the gift of change, of self and others, and celebrate FEELING again in this beautiful world we live in.


Much love!!  Jacqueline XXXXXX