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Jacqueline's Blog - Pssst... You're slow Dancing, but the Music changed..

And APRIL BRING IT ONNNNNNNN!..... and waiting suspense fully and (insert noise of deflating balloon here)... LOL well it's not quite that bad... The flipping over into the new energy of April has not quite been an outrageous party but rather an underlying restlessness, filling with slight anticipation and a "where to from here".

The moon elements have been also bringing in upsurges of energy making people both restless, frustrated and then hyper/tired and still wondering what's going on!.   Hmm what a combo.   So without a hiss and a roar we plopped over into May, and the energies are still quietly integrating around and within us and still with people complaining about a lack of clarity in which direction they are heading.

I was talking to the Guides about it and it isn't so much as getting on with it, as quietly accepting the frequency of the new energy, that not being driven by "have to's" but quietly planning, finding the peace within oneself and honouring the light of you.  You have not really lost motivation, you just don't have that driving impatience to do everything at once like you normally had.   Isn't that a good thing?      The energy of May, still has that quiet anticipation about it, but also brings in a more relaxed, go with the flow energy, that is equally important.  Please don't be misled as there is so many changes at such subtle levels, never think that the music is not quietly playing and people are sitting this one out.    It simply isn't happening, in the intricacies of the dance of life, this is a bit of a slow dance, a rest in the tempo and very much once we pass the last moon phase which has been bringing in such a lot of information and frequency.   It will be back into a higher tempo and the dance will step up a pace.

I was talking to a lovely man in Spirit about the changes they are bringing in through the readings.   I asked him why Spirit are really making their presence know around their loved ones, really "amping" up the communication in multiple levels, hearing, seeing flashing, smells, ticking, knocking etc.

He replied, "In the energy changes, we are able to do this more, in the awareness of the newer frequencies, there is more understanding and clarity.   We are excited about this as it brings us closer to our people.  However, for us as well, this can be more frustrating as some are still not listening as well as they should be when we try to help as much as we can".    Hmm seems like both sides are getting a tad frustrated in this energy as well.

Spirit have always called these three months, April/May/June, planning months.   These months are about thinking about options and putting energy into direction, of things that you would love.   Want a new job, put your focus there, new relationship, focus with the highest loving intention on that.   We seem to still be thinking that we can influence things at a mind level, a control of situations level and it's not that we can't it's more that it needs to be with the purity of the heart.    The shift has been so major yet at times so subtle, that we are still at times caught up in the "head space" of it all, when the shift has been into the "heart space".

A bit slow in the dance, we are still figuring out that we need to stop over thinking everything and just "be" for a time, that in the being comes the understanding that we need about ourselves.     Think of it this way as well.  How long have you been planning stuff with your brain... Years?   I want to do this, I want that, I would like that.  How much have you applied I WOULD LOVE this, that the other...    It really is like trying to bake with a crucial missing ingredient.   Simply because LOVE is the crucial ingredient that now has to be added in order for our hearts to see our way forward.

Just take a moment, when was TRULY the last time you did something you LOVED?   Truly loved.   DO you actually KNOW what you love to do?   Do you do anything in your life that you love?   Or are you just in the habit of doing the "have to's" because you assume that's life?      I took a moment the other day and sat down and looked at WHY I didn't love all aspects of my life...   Hmm to actually look at it that way was interesting.  I have aspects that I love, but do I really appreciate and love all my life?     Seems I still need to change my way of thinking (Duhhhhhhh brain fodder).   For what ISN'T to love about your life and why don't you?  Seriously, it was a great thinking place because you don't do it with your BRAIN....  Looking at my life currently with loving intention, beyond the "have to's"...

Put it also this way, when you hate your job, do you not think this also has a massive impact on your life?   If you put that much energy into hating your job, how miserable is it making you across the rest of your life.   How's that dancing to the same sad, melancholy song going for you?   Hmmm didn't think you were enjoying it that much.   On the other side, Spirit is cajoling, pushing, pulling and lovingly showing you there is another job there, however, stuck in your own misery and hate of your job, you get more and more miserable, it seeps endlessly into the other areas of your life.

This ISN'T what you love... what are you doing?   No one is MAKING you stay in a job you loathe..  You are CHOOSING to be there...      Why?   How would I know?  Everyone has to find the courage to step out of the box they put themselves in and why on earth are you choosing to stay?  that is truly your own reasons.     Are YA happy with that yet, got enough excuses prepared for why you stay?    How about REASONS to leave?    Bring in the heart energy of manifesting what YOU would love to do in a positive manner, and go after it.

After all you didn't just come to eat your lunch in this life...   Start thinking with your heart! and in this new incoming frequency ONCE you get that manifesting through the HEART, not the HEAD, will bring such amazing possibilities.  ONLY then will we truly start to see HOW much the frequencies have changed and that the Dance of Life is actually a new song.

I truly believe we are really QUITE slow on the uptake in this regard and are blithely dancing around not noticing that the music has already changed and we are all jiving away to the last song completely out of whack due to our own stubbornly holding onto the old tune.   While the frequencies cannot change over night, due to the integration with the human body, it is already shifting, already harmonising through us in this beautiful melody of change, but through our HEARTS, we just haven't slowed our BRAINS long enough to notice.

If you want to notice it more....  Simply do this..   Take yourself off to a stream, a meadow, the sea and take a moment to sit quietly, not interruptions and close your eyes and still your mind.    Sit quietly and ALLOW yourself to just listen, listen with your heart to the peacefulness...  Allow this to flow through your being and be filled with that loving, harmony that is all around us at the moment...  Just simply BE! and you will be amazed at the clarity it brings.