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Jacqueline's Blog - Perspective and Tolerances...

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this really is over the next couple of months of adjusting perspective and tolerances.   The Universal energies are shifting and changing and there has been an urgency in the Spirit World to help as many people as possible get clear of their old frequencies, understanding and allow emotional weights to be cleared off heart and heads.     Seems to be that a lot of people are struggling with releasing old issues at times.

I love Spirit, they come in so lovingly and warmly, empathetic to their beloved person's journey here, they are trying so hard from the other side to give guidance, support and loving light to all of our endeavours and most of the time we are stumbling along oblivious to all their attentions and help.

My Nana turned up today, usually she is in the background coming with the scent of violets and the warm rich purple that I associate with Spiritual Help and Love.  I love my Nana so much, the warmest kindest person I have ever known, she was such a caring person when here and still is very much so.

I was in the studio painting when I heard her come in.   She planted herself on the Studio couch and I turned as I felt someone sit down behind me.  I swivelled around on the stool and looked at her.   Everything about my Nana resonates with calm understanding.      I smile at her "Hello there Stranger"  She laughs.  Nana is not a stranger at all.  Quite often she leans over my shoulder and sniffs whatever I am cooking and reminds me to add an ingredient, which I love, showing me all the time how much she is still in my life.  She adores my children, especially my youngest and often reminds me to have patience and tolerance with him as well.

"Watch the energy at the moment" she says.   I nod.   She continues "People are struggling to find their feet, their understanding and their motivation.   Coupled with tiredness or lack of sleep or too much sleep they are in the transitional phase of the energy change of this year" .  I nod, for most of us have noticed a feeling of being less than tolerant, more forgetful and impatient with ourselves.     I paint more blues into my painting and she moves to stand behind me and look at the painting.   "That's lovely and warm" she says.  I smile at her and she rests her hands on my shoulders.  I feel like leaning back into her gently strength and close my eyes for a moment.    Waves of calm descend and embrace me.

"Everyone needs to deal with these changes in their own way" she says. "Allowing people to change is the kindest thing that you can do at this stage.   Everyone will always have a perspective of how they believe people should act, what they should or shouldn't say but at the end of the day, each is on their individual journey of themselves as well.  Being kind and understanding and tolerant is a good idea at this time".

"Crikey, January was bad enough.   Is February going to be as bad?"  She laughs, "There is, as you have been told, changes yet to come over the next two months.   Allowing things to change and not trying to control outcomes and situations is a good start.   Many will be presented with opportunities to move forward from their current inertia, however it is their choice to choose still what they will do for themselves.   It required patience of self, to change and the will to want to change, all of these things take time and in the allowing each their own perspective and their own journey, enables us more to see what we need to do for us".

I nod, I understand this.   Over the last couple of days, I have reviewed my own patiences of myself and found myself intolerant in quite a few areas as well.  The hardest thing about looking at self requires you to be objective and address the things that hurt you the most.   Enough for me to understand that from my own perspectives which are never someone else's,  I need to address what I need for me.     Doing that takes tolerance, because the ability to get angry at your own self is huge.  However, in going beneath the anger to find the darkest hurt, is one of the best things you can give yourself.  Forgiveness is another.   That indeed takes tolerance.

Please at this time of such transitional energy frequency changes, be patient, tolerant and look at your perspective.  Is it ALLOWING enough?.   In this frequency I find that if you allow people to be "finding" their own feet without your own perspective of what they should be doing according you to, you are also allowing yourself to not retain those feelings of judgement, resentment, towards them which really belong to your own expectations.

You are so beautiful, the colours of you shine so brilliantly and you are so deserving of LOVE, more than anything your own to yourself.   Understand you need patience and tolerance for yourself, and allow your perspectives of yourself to heal and change as you accept into this new beautiful loving frequency, you deserve to love you regardless of anyone else's perspective or expectations.   Do this for you, you are so deserving.