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Jacqueline's Blog - Past Contemplation... Charge!

I can't sleep, its been ongoing for a bit now.  I wake in the middle of the night, with so many things going through my head.  Not normal day-to-day things but watching energy work on the earth plane, lectures and talks in the off worlds.  I think always sometimes I just literally "plop" back into my body for a 5 minute or hour-long, in my case, breather from everything that is going on beyond this world.

To find the peace sometimes I seek, I head off to the "In between" and sit on my rock to the right of the bay.   I look out to the stars and the double moons.    One is closer than the other and in the stillness of the night air and illuminated sky, I feel like I could almost reach out and touch it sometimes.       On a whim, I dive under the water and swim, to come up in the middle of the bay feeling like I am under the moon.   The water wraps around me caressingly as I float with my face to the stars.   A truly amazing feeling of peace.    The sea cradles in me in her arms and I feel like I float for hours.    One star shines brightly to the left of the vista before me and I think "Here's trouble" and I giggle, the water moves with me and laps at me laughingly.

"Rock" I think before Jet can land, but he still beats me to it.   Standing on the rock instantly, Jet is illuminated before me, like a brilliant Star.   "Hello Stranger" I say and he shines brighter for a moment and I am wrapped in a loving embrace of energy.    I think about that for a moment, most of the time here on the earth plane, we are not aware what we do with our energy.  How our thoughts are actually energy and you can send that energy to another easily.    We have become complacent in what we will accept in our being if we cannot see it.     Yet every day, you are impacted by others energy.

How many times are you happy and enjoying your day to come across someone who isn't even directing their grumpiness at you, but you still "feel" the impact of it?    You feel and sense much more than your brain allows you to think about.   Time to pay attention people for the energy of the world is changing around us and all most people say is "I feel unmotivated at the moment".   Hmmm its your energy, why are you not paying attention to that?

Jet zooms around me, startling me but bringing me back from my thoughts.   "Sorry" I laugh, and plop myself on the rock with my feet in the sea.   The wavelets lap at the rock, "listen, listen" they whisper.      Jet hovers just above the sea contemplating me quietly.    Rainbow faceted, he glows from within, an elemental light being, the essence of him pure kindness and wisdom.    He does not speak, just gently wraps me in loving energy to help me with my own contemplation.

"Jet?"  "Yes" "How do we move past this kind of yucky contemplative stage, that everyone seems to be at?"    He waits for a moment, to be sure that I have listened to what I have asked but also to have my full attention, another thing that seems to be wandering of its own accord lately.      I watch him and wait.

"Having moved forwards into a place of "free choice" of what truly makes you happy, no longer driven by the learning or lessons required, quite a few of you are literally stumbling in what you need for yourselves.   For too long you have not listened to your heart, not listened to your purpose and now given room to be all you could be, are stuck in the contemplation of what you should or should not be doing".    I think about that for a moment and go "Pretty much".   Jet hums with laughter.   "The question is, why are you waiting for the Universe to "tell" you what you should be doing?"

I shrug and look out to sea.   "Why won't the Universe tell us?"    Jet hums again.  "Why are you waiting for circumstances to change before you look at what you need to do for yourself?"   "Why don't you just give me the answers?"  "Why don't you use your heart instead?".   Stale mate, and therein lies the crux of the whole matter.    I voiced the words myself, I want to slap myself really.   Still I am waiting for someone else to tell me what I should be doing in my life.   When on earth did I start THAT particular bad habit?

Jet circles me gently and wraps me lovingly in his energy.  "Stop looking for the answers from others.  Stop looking for the answers outside of you.    You have always known inside you, the Universe WITHIN, what you are meant to be doing.   The only person that can move you past this reflective, and contemplative time, is YOU".    I sigh.  I knew that answer, as well as knowing that the Guides would NOT give me the answers.   You know too many times, we look to others to decide what we should do or even BE.     We change our perspective if things become to hard, or not obvious enough and dependent on our soul type, slip back into old habits of putting us in the too hard basket and helping others instead.     Which is fine, but are you always going to put yourself behind another?

As soon as we try to do that, we then become resentful that others do not see what we do, who we are.   Well if we settle for less than our hearts purpose, we will always wonder what we could have been or should have been.    Put it this way and I would like you to think about this.   If you could shoot an arrow of your life, where would you aim it?   Would you aim for the stars and want to have the dizzying heights of an amazing experience of life.   Or would you shoot for the hills, for comfort, peace and a less risky journey?     What if I told you that aim lower only brings complacency and frustration as you wonder what could be the other experiences?   How would you feel?    Really?   You would feel like you do now?

What if there is something remarkable that I am supposed to be doing?   What if there is something out there that makes my heart sing and has my passion, motivation and love?   The very question is then.... Why are you aiming so low in your life...    Time to move past contemplation people, it isn't coming from the Heavens, it's not coming like a bolt from the blue.   The decision for you to move past contemplation of your life comes simply from you!   Look deep into your heart and see what your hearts desire is.  If you cannot do that, then simply look at what you are doing and how THAT is making you happy.

Change something, anything.  Go do something random that wakes you back up out of your contemplation, out of your waiting for the Universe to send you what you deserve.   Like a ball that has stopped rolling.. the Universe is SIMPLY waiting for YOUR next move.    If you don't make one, neither will it.  STALE MATE.      So make a plan, a wee one, change a role, a routine, shake it up a bit.   You may well be very surprised how quickly things change once you start making your own ball start rolling.   Its your LIFE, live it!