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Jacqueline's Blog - Out of the Washing Machine and into the Dryer...

Honestly, what a month!   Roll on the end of May and out of the planetary squish of  eclipse energy and roll on the new.      This energy at times does my head in so I can only think what it does for the rest of the world.    Tai tells me it is never easy to hatch out of the cocoon into the butterfly and all our deepest fears and insecurities are being pulled about for us to release but really?   Rolling around the planet, squishing out our hidden painful bits is wonderful.... o.O  and we are supposed to say Thank you?    (Small tantrum on the supermarket floor over)

Well at the end of it we actually will say thank you for in all reality we have held onto these issues for way too long and so painfully that it has really hurt us at a heart level.   But Oi Vey its a Roller Coaster of emotions and an overwhelming feeling that you just may throw up before its over!

So since April, we have been in the washing machine really, as the planetary alignment and moon faces decide how "clean" we all are.   So it has really felt as I had mentioned as being both the "Tortoise and the Hare" in the same body.     Over this past week also I have had people feeling exactly the same, be it pinched and worried over money issues, career issues, family issues, friendships.        It's so very important to get to the heart of us beyond these fears and lack of understanding of ourselves.

When I ask the Guides about it all, their comments are simply "surrender".   Stop trying to influence the planetary changes and frequency changes with LOGIC!    We love answers, we truly do and at times, we don't really want to look at ourselves that much because simply its easier to look at other people...     However, this alignment energy really does govern the heart and it is so important for us to simply STOP over analysing everything.

There is one thing that I ask people a lot and that is, are you truly happy with your life.   Most people look blank for a moment, and then look confused.  The comments are usually, I think so.  There's a lot I like, a few things I would change maybe.   It takes time for us to look at our lives and we don't really honestly,  we just do, what we perceive needs to be done.     The shifting and changing within the physical form has been exactly the same although we haven't been paying much attention to that lately either.   But I tell you what is telling about that, a lot of people are suddenly acknowledging that their diet is not doing the best for them.  What suited them before is not working.  Pay attention people the changes are everywhere and there is so much anticipation coming in as the energy cements into place.   June set to be a busy month of collective energies as it amps up a level and we head into the dryer for "Fluffing up" and residual issues being blow away.    So very, very important at this time to not take the world personally but if you are taking it personally... Please have a look at why as these are still your "wrinkly bits" needing addressing.

Most of us are in the same position, poised to be fluffed out and come out shiny and new and really, YAY!  I for one cannot wait for  the new energy of the "dryer" and I know as we transition into June, there is much more calmness prevailing and a renewed sense of direction empowering us to be all we can be.      I think it is so valuable at this time to really look at how much things have been changing and understand more how important you are in the scale of your own life.   It simply cannot be everything that you wish it to be without your input and really the energy of settling for less than we deserve is not serving us that well.

Be brave people, listen to the changes in your body and in your thought patterns, a lot of them are not deserving of where you want to be or need to be for yourself.  No more excuses, white rabbits and general procrastination that bores the pants off even the most patient of beings.       Fluff out all your wrinkled bits and let the air of the "dryer" smooth any worries away and empower yourself into June with a scent of fabric softener and a new outlook.    The transitional period is nearly over and really we need to be amping up the volume of the intuitive you into June and July as the real manifestations of deserving energy comes flying through on lemon and lime frequencies heralding a new acceptance of self.

I leave you with the words of Jacob, beautiful being and beloved teacher.

"One must never sit and stare at wishes, for wishes never eventuate without passion.   No master of anything thinks I will create without passion, I will create without vision, I will create indifferently.    A real Master of Design creates, loving, intentionally and majestically with the vision of their heart.   Truly if you believe in your wishes understand that more than ever you will see how powerful you truly are.   Ask and it shall be yours, create and it shall manifest.   But never believe without your faith and passion can it become a reality.  You must simply own what you wish to be with all your heart, your passion and create simply the life you desire.

Do not think, know in so many ways, this is who you are, whom you can be and understand that at this time, the manifestation of change of your current reality is driven only by your perception.  Settle for less and you get that, settle for more and the Universe bends in thanks of your belief and the world becomes energised in a different way.    Be the change you need, not for others, but for you and as you change in understanding, the world simply unfolds like a flower heralding endless possibilities beyond your current comprehension of happiness."

So bring it on June, because the "dryer" cycle cannot last and the colours of magenta frequency, bring anticipation threading through with a feeling an unwrapped birthday present.    Accept the challenges and the changes and embrace the movement forward for no one deserves it more than you ♥