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Jacqueline's Blog - One is the loneliest number....

In a group class, after the class I had someone come and ask me a question.  The rest of the class was packing up and waving heading towards the door.  I leaned  in and listened to the question.    "How do you do this all the time?  Don't you feel lonely?"  I looked at her startled.  "Lonely?"   "Yes" She looked at me intensely "I feel lonely in this acceptance of me and exploring my abilities, how don't you feel lonely?"

It is a good question, a valid question.   At times when you choose to develop your abilities, you can feel alone.  You may want to talk about it with friends only to find that you get snide comments and laughter.  You may want to talk to others so you can share what is happening to you, to get understanding and find suddenly that people around you are not interested in what you are experiencing.   This can contribute to feeling lonely and alone.

Mathias comes in close behind me, I lean back into him and see Jet moving around behind her to give her energy.  I smile gently at her.   "May I share something with you?"   She nods quickly.   "It can feel lonely"  Her shoulders slump, and I laugh and squeeze her arm, "Let me finish please, a long time ago, the Guides helped me to work something out, and this one thing makes me not feel lonely, so I will share it with you if that's okay?"    She smiles, "Yes please".     We are alone in the room, everyone else has left.

There is a few Spirit people loitering in the room, I am always amazed at how many turn up for these classes, coming with their people, lingering in the energy.  I smile again, Mathias touches my shoulder gently and the words said a lifetime ago come back to me, learned from the heart.

"On the front of each and every one I see is a flame, a spark, a light.   This flame burns with the truth of who you are, the light of you.   This flame signifies that we are all from the Source, the light, essentially the same place.   In this world, there is people who remember, people who forgot, people who want to relearn and awaken.     All different, all with different learning but all here.   Not one person does not have this flame, in fact all living creatures have this flame of life,  we are part of huge undertaking of learning and understanding.   With choosing to be here, to be born and have this life here, you were never alone and are never alone.   You have a whole contingent of people, beings rooting for your success in this life, supporting you and helping you to grow.   Never have you been alone, never will you be alone.

What can make you feel alone the most is YOU.   Your own perception that you are alone in this journey, you are not.  You have Loved Ones in Spirit watching you and trying to help as much as possible, you have your Guides, Teachers, also helping you as much as they are able.    There is also people here, a lot of them, that are wanting to remember, wanting to join in a oneness of understanding.   Alone?  No, that is just a perception.     How can I be lonely when I walk down the street and understand that each person here, chose.  Chose their learning, their understanding, and their growth and their life.  That this beautiful planet was designed for us, that trees adore us, the soil feeds us, that everything is interwoven and complete.

The understanding of this brings a peace, and a sense of belonging."

She has listened intently, "I think that is something that I need to work towards, that understanding".    I nod, "It did not happen for me over night, I had to change my thinking and my own understanding.   For a long time I wanted to share with everyone what was happening, what I could see, what spirit shared.  I desperately wanted to belong with people who could "see" the same way I did.   In the end I had to quantify why I wanted to do that.   I do not need any approval from others for what I sense, I do not need recognition for what I sense.  I am happier just being.   Acceptance of who you are means you no longer feel lonely".   She still looks concerned.

I smile, "It is all part of the journey, of understanding and learning.   You are not alone, all of the people who have come to this class, and many others, they feel like you do.   However, it is part of our growth and learning to realise we are all in this together and need each other to learn and grow.  Put it this way, if everyone just accepted what you are trying to develop, would you just settle? Not share?   or do you understand that with each person that challenges you, you become more determined to find out about this part of yourself?    Use your learning as a catalyst.  Use every negative given to help you strive further in your quest for knowledge.     You are not alone, you never were, it depends on how determined you are to experience this part of you that you are awakening.

Failing that find a group, join a Spiritualist Church, keep a journal of what you are experiencing.   Bear in mind also that in your search for "Like-minded" people so you don't feel alone, that there will still be uniqueness in how you experience and learn, simply because no two human beings are the same and all of us are here to learn from each other too and you may find a group doesn't quite fit you either.  This is an intensely personal journey".

We head towards the door, she is deep in thought, thinking about everything that has been said.   We part at the cars, I give her a hug and whisper "You are never alone, you never were.  It's about celebrating the journey".   She smiles.  "See you next week!"

We aren't alone, we do an awful lot of damage to ourselves getting stuck in that feeling.   You would be surprised at how many people feel like that.    If you do feel alone, change it in a positive way.  Take the time to see that you are surrounded by a planet of people, and though we don't easily show we are lonely, know that it is part of our understanding to find our way clear of that perception.    You are never alone, never.