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Jacqueline's Blog - One door closes, one door opens

I have to say sometimes I get into arguments with the Spirit Realm, and I really don't know why I bother.  They are able to see so much further than I can, know so much more than I can ever know, yet stubbornly I argue.     I have decided this is distinctly a trait of the human mind and based also on the fact we don't really particularly like it when we don't get our way.   Hmm or it could just be that I am plain stubborn as!

The energy of this month has fluctuated so much and the pushing drive of the Universe is for us to truly live from our hearts not our minds.   Spirit is completely on board with this as well and in the course of a reading last week I went head to head with a lovely man in Spirit over his grand-daughter.

For me when I work with Spirit I love that they give GUIDANCE,  key word that for me  GUIDANCE!, suggestions and advice for their loved ones about all sorts of matters.      I was cautioning the man in Spirit about his bossiness towards his Grand-daughter, in telling me to TELL her what she should be doing.   Because this is a planet of free choice, it is really important for people to understand that their decisions they make are crucial to their own learning and understanding and while Spirit wants to connect with them in a loving, protective and inspiring way, sometimes it is best if we make the decisions that we need to make with a little GUIDANCE but of our own accord.

Well he didn't LIKE THAT!   Lovely man with a dry sense of humour, he lean back from me and looked me square in the eye.  "Well Excuse ME" he said "But I would just like to point out that YOU are the messenger, while I am the Grandfather!".   We eyeballed each other indignantly until I got the giggles.   My poor client!   I had to explain why I had gone so silent but was frowning like mad.    I explained to her what was going on and she erupted into giggles herself.  "Oh my God!" She said "Now I definitely KNOW in my heart it's him!  Even though you have described and explained him.  He was so gorgeously bossy here about what I should be doing and shouldn't be doing that it cannot help but be my Grand-dad!"    I glared at him again as he gave me a smug "Told you so" look.

I ignored him for a moment and explained to my client.  "Really this is your life though, and even though he can GIVE (glare at the Grand-dad) advice, he really shouldn't be TELLING you what to do, that is after all your choice."    She smiled hugely, "Oh no, see I love his advice and he really loved me so much, that I valued terribly what he tells me he thinks I should be doing".  She leaned forward and whispered "He was actually never wrong it always panned out the way he said anyway".    I glared at Mr Smug and Gleeful in Spirit, as he did a wee hop and a jig and chortled.

She said also "He taught me this.   When one door closes another one will always open.   He told me that from the time that I was very small, and I have found all the way through my life, that to be the case.   Some times I have not wanted the door to close, but it has anyway, and it has taken time and learning to stop looking at the closed door and realise that the other door was actually right there and much more worth while.  He was so right".    I smile at her and watch her Grand-dad in Spirit blow out his chest with pride at her and completely wrap her in beautiful pinks of "I love you so much".

I pass on what he is doing and she laughs.    "Well I love him back just as much!".     The moment is both bitter sweet.  The connectivity of these two people and their love and the knowledge that for a moment in time, they get to reconnect in perfect understanding through me (the messenger).   The Grand-father looks at me and winks, all annoyance gone as he watches his beautiful grown up Grand-daughter, "told ya so" he says and laughs.

At the end of the reading, I think about what they have had to say and I truly believe at times we are our own worst enemies. We so love to know that everything will be all right, as long as its OUR terms...   We consider that the Universe conspires against us when we want something to happen, we consider that we were let down.  But usually we were so preoccupied at looking at only one door, that we forgot to see that there were in fact many, many others and for each door that does close truly there is another.  We simply need to take the time to see that in all situations of our life.

For how many times have situations, understanding, connections played out in the strangest of ways, to look back and say isn't that funny, at the time it was horrible, it was hell, but at the end of the day I so understand and where I am right now is a much better place.   We just can't see it in our own understanding at the time.   It is our CHOICE whether we think it was fair, unkind, etc, however understand this please, ALWAYS there is options, always there is another door, another opportunity.  We can understand this with regrets or with a lovely positive understanding that there is NO wrong, only choices and truly another door opens.