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Jacqueline's Blog - Old Memories - Past to Present

News Flash, News Flash, you've been here before, many times.....  Oops doesn't sound as impressive when you say it like that.   What is really important is to acknowledge that YES you have been here before and as I mentioned in "Old as Dirt Days" you can sometimes feel the pinch of being here before.

Sometimes it is really, really important to acknowledge to the Universe and to yourself that you have done it before.  There is always a situation coming up around us that reflects back to the past, and if it hits you like a tonne of bricks, then there is a need to acknowledge that if it hurt more than just that childhood experience, the answer probably lies further back into another life.

I'll give you an example,  I detest the cold, absolutely hate it.  I froze to death in England as a beggar child at about 7 years old, in the Victorian Era.  Where class was everything and if you had nothing then you were nothing.      Hmmm what have I brought through from this era?  1)  I loooooove food, (no excuses from me, just a fact).  The reason I love it?, had quite a few lives without much of it.  This one in particular "pings" me.  2) I  also dislike intensely hierarchy, social class structures, we are all the same, whether you are born into something special or not, we do the same things.  I get very, very annoyed with people who think they are better citizens than others.  3) I inspect everyone's teeth (from a distance, of course)..... Why?   Cause I had none, it was something I wanted, I had scurvy and lice and all sorts of other wonderful things but rotten teeth.

Now this is just a light example of what sort of things that have been impacted on me from one of the lives that I have had before.   The reason I mention it, is sometimes situations come up that affect us in ways that we hadn't quite thought they would.  Sometimes there is a need to step back and question why the situation or incident affected us that much.   Sometimes there is a much deeper reason to look at what we have learned and what we have gained from all the lives here.  I know, people say, Okay for you, you can look back and see what you were.

However, to a degree, so can you!   What Era are you particularly drawn to?  Do you like things around your neck?   Afraid of heights?  Fire?     Particularly drawn to Planes, Trains, Automobiles?  Are you an adrenalin junkie?  Don't like being in a small space?   Dark places?  Don't like crowds?  Things being thrown at you?  What did you do when you were a kid that your parents thought was strange?    All of these have little insights into what you have done before you had this life.

My number 2 son has had many, many lives.   We are in the middle of documenting his lives at the moment, out of curiosity from him but also a need to him to express how he felt at times in some of these lives.    I want him to do this as well, so he can address some of his anger, pain and resentment and not have it follow him through to his adult life.

So have a think about it.  Most of you will find something that "triggers" a memory, take the time to explore it and acknowledge it and then acknowledge you are in this life.  In even doing that, you may just have let go of something that you have been dragging around with you from that life to this.  Give it a go and drop me a line, I'm always interested in people's experiences!