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Jacqueline's Blog - Just for you... The Harmonising YOU Meditation

With all the energy ups and downs, I retreat as usual to the bath and the off worlds.  Sink into warm water and slip out of the body.  Water is such a wonderful conduit and enables you to either meditate or float upwards incredibly easily.     Bliss to wander off for a time away from the demands of the earth plane.

I'm standing in a meadow and the grass is warm and tickling around my legs, the azure sky above me and the smell of the warm grass tickles my senses.    Hiatte walks towards me, moving seamlessly through the grass, her dress with a life of its own, alive around her, chiming laughter delightedly tickling me across the warmth of the meadow.     It is so nice just to wiggle my feet in the grasses and sit in the stillness of the meadow, the warmth of the sun and the company of this beautiful Guide.

"Hiatte? The energy is so up and down at the moment, people are very aware of their restlessness, their indecision, their insecurities.  Is there any way to help them at this time?"    Hiatte smiles at me and I am bathed in the light of her, compassion and love radiates from her and she says "How about a Harmonising YOU Meditation for them?"    I smile, ever delighted that the Guides willingly give so much to be passed on.  This one, simply is for you!

The Harmonising YOU Meditation:

Take the time out away from interruption.  No phones, no people, just your own space.   Sit quietly in a chair and relax your body into it.    Close your eyes and envisage yourself in a beautiful meadow, long grass around your bare feet, warmth of the sun on your face and the low hum of busy insects on the meadow's wild flowers.     Take a deep breath in and breathe in the scents and warmth of the meadow.    Look now to your right hand and see in your hand you hold, 7 balloons of different colours, floating on ribbons in the gentle breeze, each of these balloons with matching ribbons, purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, brilliant in their colours and illuminated from within.

Take the Purple balloon from the string of balloons, and acknowledge that the balloon is filled with over thinking, circular thoughts, and old habits, celebrate that the balloon is filled with all of the things that have been cluttering your mind, holding you back.   Allow the balloon to float up into the sky and watch as it floats up and bursts over your head, showering down sparklets of brilliant purple light, bringing harmony, clarity of thought and intention to replace the negatives.  Feel the sparking purple giving you clarity and empowering your thoughts.

Take the Indigo balloon from your hand and release this balloon to the sky, allowing feeling of being unable to "see", to clear the blocks of the third eye and release old limitations of visions of dreams.   Watch now as the balloon floats upwards and also bursts, showering you with beautiful indigo sparks of illumination, harmony, wisdom and understanding.   Allow this beautiful clearing energy into your being giving you clarity and empowering you visually.

Let now go the Blue Balloon, luminous in its colours, filled with all the things you never said, could never say and any regrets of unsaid words.   Allow it to float beautifully up above your heart, and watch it too pop, showing you with iridescent sparks of words to be released, knowing the right thing to say, and perfect understanding in manifestation of the physical word.   Allow this beautiful energy to come in aid the speaking from the heart, empowering you with the right understanding and the perfect words to convey how you feel.

Let go now the Green Balloon and watch as it floats up above your head, filled with regrets, lost friendships, hurts, and guilt.  Watch as it floats upwards and bursts above your head, showering down on you beautiful sparklets of green energy, which on touching you soaks into you with the warmth of understanding, of clearing heart energy, and re-awakening passions, soothing and healing hurts and releasing loving compassionate energy into your being.  Feel your heart swell with the loving energy replacing old habits and hurts and empowering you with a loving surge.

Let go now the Yellow Balloon, floating up above your head, filled with too much energy out to others, denial of self-worth, routines and structures confining your world, allow it to float up wards and bursting above you, showering you in sparkles of yellow abundance, self-worth, harmony of being and confidence.  Allow these loving energies to replace the heaviness of the doubts and denials, with rejuvenation, motivation and connectivity.  Feel your motivation surge of uplifting harmonising energy.

Notice now how much lighter you are beginning to feel and invigorated, in the allowing the balloons to remove what you no longer need, but replacing it in a loving harmonious manner, the aspects you do need.

Take the Orange Balloon now and release it too into the air.   Floating up, filled luminously with picking at self, lack of creativity, lack of expression, containment of emotions, disillusion and disempowerment.     Watch as the balloon floats upwards and then bursts showing you with sparkles of delighted anticipation, wisdom, joyful abandonment and hope.  The Sparklets sink into you like water to a thirsty soil and you feel again delighted to be, to experience and dream massively, expressively, creatively.   Allow this beautiful harmonising energy to flow through you being and illuminating the truth of you.

The last balloon, the Red one, hold it in your hand and feel the tingles of anticipation as this balloon signals the letting go of old beliefs, old thought patterns, that are holding you to old learning, karmic loops, and disharmony.   The balloon pulls from you also in anticipation of letting go what you no longer require and you open your hand and release it.   Feeling the freedom of old constraints as they float away from you, a slight pulling and relief.   The red balloon bursts and you are illuminated in the sparks of red that float and absorb into you, bringing back passion for life, enthusiasm, delight and harmonising joy at the physical experience.  Allow it to sink into your being lightening you and warming your very heart.

Feel now the joy of having released all of these balloons, filled with aspects, learning, regrets that you have held onto but no longer require.    Feel the lightness of your being and celebrate truly being free of things that are blocking or holding you back.   Hug this knowledge to yourself and look around the meadow.  Notice now things are brighter, warmer and feel simply more alive.   Retain this knowledge to you and look to your feet.  See now they are in the shoes or slippers you started your meditation in, however you have a renewed sense of purpose and an anticipation that has not been with you for a while.    Come back to the world you live in, lightened, harmonised and refreshed.


Thank you Hiatte, for illuminating my world and allowing me to share with others.  I hope you enjoy this meditation and always, always be loving in intention to you. ♥