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You know kids crack me up, their acceptance of things beyond the realms of the physical is really amazing.  We have amazing kids, their abilities, their Gifts awake, while ones who want to develop or re-wake themselves up struggle with the trust issues as adults.

As usual I was eavesdropping on my two in a super-serious discussion about the Symbol Man and Zek, No 2's Guide.  The Symbol Man appears looking normally like Colonel  Sanders off the Kentucky Chicken Ads.  Sheesh that sounds terrible but the best way to describe him.  I do remember him from my childhood as well.   With his hands, he draws these wonderful moving light pictures or symbols.  I am vaguely suspicious at times that he comes through me with the movements of my hands at times.   Zek, no.2's long suffering Guide is called upon at a multitude of times to confirm or deny stuff at the whim of a 10 year old.    The eldest on the other hand uses the vast knowledge of Michael (hmmph, 17 year old in spirit) to counter these conversations.

They are supposed to be doing homework.   No.2 starts it "Did  you see all those dead people at school today?" I manage to not look startled from the computer.  "No.  Anyway they are not dead people, they are spirit people".  "They are so dead"   "Duhhhhh, what do you think spirit people are?"    Momentary silence.  "Well dead people and spirit people are the same I suppose" comments No.2.  "I'll check with Zek."  Silence for a moment.  Eldest one "Michael says dead, spirit, whatever.  They are the same"  in a patronising I know everything tone.

"Zek says, that yes dead people and spirit people are the same but there is differences" a trifle smugly.  "Oh yeah right.... how?"    "Well dead people who know that they are dead become spirit.  Dead people who don't know that they are dead stay here wondering why everyone won't talk to them!"   I cover my mouth to stop snorting hot tea into the computer.  Silence reigns.  "Michael says that the people who stay here don't go towards the light, they don't know they need to" again slightly smugly.  It's beginning to go he said, she said.  I eavesdrop so badly that I am sure that the kids will get a wind tunnel effect off my ears shortly.  Flap, Flap, Flap...

"Zek says that sometimes they just get a bit confused about where they are meant to go and don't realise that they died.  Cause it might be a quick death or something.  BUT he says that most are collected".   My eldest at this time is deciding that he may be biting off more than he can chew with the quick responses from Zek.   No.2 nails the conversation.   "The Symbol Man has just drawn a symbol of a light in the sky like a lighthouse and they need to go to that".   "Whatever... they are still dead"

"So they are dead people then?"  No.2 pushes home the point.  "Fine, dead, spirit, whatever"   Life according to two boys.   "Mum?"  "Yes hon?"  No.2 wants clarity.  "Dead people are spirit aren't they? Not ghosts?"   The Eldest one butts in superiorly "You never said anything about ghosts, Michael says that's another whole story!"   I avoid snorting out loud.   These two cannot resist 'one up man ship'.

I placate both,  "You guys have homework and yes spirit is dead people and dead people are spirit and spirit can be ghosts.  However for the sake of other people and the "dead" people who walk all around our house all the time, lets just be nice and call them spirit people?.     No.2 elbows the other.. "See told you they were dead people...."

I laugh out loud at that one.  I love that the kids are interested, I love that they listen to their Guides, their helpers.  Mostly I love that they question things.  We as adults forget to ask questions, we take things on board that others say, we forget the joy of finding things out, questioning simple things and being interested in life.  It isn't just about the spiritual but please keep growing, keep learning, keep questioning.  We need this so much to grow!

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Kids' Conversations

Tangled; always tangled. This summer, I heard this circular conversation about goldenrod. It's a flower, one said, though the other insisted on it being a weed. They could agree that it was a plant, but barely. And if someone plants it on purpose, then it isn't a weed, one asserted. Who would plant it on purpose, the other asked. Someone might, came the reply, and then it would be a flower, not a weed. Would not. Would so. Would not. Would too. Nuh-uh.