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Jacqueline's Blog - Grief.. The Unwanted Gift


I stand on the sand in the "In between" and look out to the sea.   It has been a week of the some of the saddest readings I have done for a long time.   Death takes no prisoners, it leaves no heart untouched and is one of the most heart wrenching experiences.  It can be death of a loved one, death of a dream, or the harshness of the death of a situation.  Death has many layers and many faces.  It is hard to find in the uniqueness of ourselves a way to quantify how we feel at times with Death.

I look out over the sea, the sparklets of light dancing on the undulating wave tips and I sigh, the peace I seek for these amazing people who gave me the opportunity and the time to bring their people through for them , resonates through me and seeps into my heart like a balm.  At the time I am reading these incredibly sad readings, the Angels pull in close, surround them with light and cradle them in their arms.

I dig my toes harder into the sand.  The air shifts tangibly as Cassandra lands lightly beside me, colours of rusts, oranges, reds, like autumn leaves flow around me like notes of a song, hovering on the air before fading away.    I turn and smile at her.   Sunlight caresses her face and she glows with etheral colours of the off worlds and Angelic realms.   Her eyes survey me gently and she reaches out to lightly hold my hand in a sympathetic squeeze.   "Will they all be okay?" I ask.     She tugs on my hand lightly "You know the answer to this".   "Yes, but it is a hard road grief, filled with pain and heartache at the most unlikely turn".   "Yes" she says.

"Cassandra?  Can you give me some words to pass on to people to allow them to see the a light beyond the darkness of grief they are in?"   She pulls me gently down to the sand and the fluttering of autumn colours cascades around me as she adjusts her wings.   She looks to the sea for a moment and begins.

"Please understand that grief is like an unwanted gift, when you first get it, it startles you with its loudness, its ripping and tearing of the fabric of your life.  Once opened you find you cannot return it to the box, for when you try the box flings itself open again and again, tearing at the patches you have made in the fabric of your life.   It pounces from the box with shredding claws, making you feel like your heart is being broken again and again.  No matter how much you try to hide this unwanted gift it will show itself in the most unlikely of places.   The more you try to hide it, the more of a toll it will take on your health, your heart and your life".

I nod, I completely understand this feeling and during this week have tried to wrap my beloved clients in light of empathy to give them some solace through the connection of their loved ones.   "What is the best way to handle grief then?" I ask.

Light wraps around me in a warm hug, seeps into me with a calming and soothing peace.    She looks out over the sea.  "Love" she says gently.    I wait for her to continue, as ever so interested in what this beautiful Angel has to share.

"In Love you celebrate the person, in love your celebrate what they brought to your life.  The moments of joy, acknowledge the sorrow but acknowledge more the LOVE.   For in the Gift of Love, they gave you all they could for the time they were here.  If you try to justify the unfairness of it, love with suffer.  If you try to avoid it, love will suffer.  In your depths of grief, love never left you, it shines with the glory of Hope, Peace, Joy.  It cannot be smothered by grief for LOVE has the power to lift and carry you through any of the darkest of moments."

"So to help us get through grief, we need to acknowledge that we are allowed to grieve, but also to acknowledge that we were LOVED so very much by that person in return?"   She nods "And they do, for in leaving their physical behind with its learning and its limitations, they are free to send you the purest of LOVE, direct from the heart to cushion your grief, to show you the way and to always, no matter what, show you continually YOU are loved.   If you ask people even in the depths of their grief, they will feel cradled by unseen arms, soothed in ways beyond their comprehension.  They just forget to understand that this is the essence of LOVE, its purity and it's strength, for it is truly unconditional in the deepest moments of grief".

I nod, when I read, the love that is sent from Spirit is the most incredible thing I have ever felt.  It is amplified, emotionally uplifting and reverberates with its intensity.    In grief we feel deserted, when in fact in grief, you are LOVED beyond comprehension, it is just the different between KNOWING that and not understanding it at times.

I sit with this beloved Angel and acknowledge what she has said.  You do have to find your own feet in grief, but please understand this, take only one step at a time, as much as you can deal with.   Shed tears of sorrow, don't hold them in your heart for the tears settle as ice and make your heart afraid to love again.   Love richly and warmly everyday of your life, for this love is undying, and strengthens with passing and above all?  Know that YOU are loved so very much by every single person that has left your world with all of their being.