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Jacqueline's Blog - Gaining Understanding from Matthias

I tiptoe off to the "Inbetween", my space, my place.  The sky blue as blue above my head as I walk up the grassy slope to the top of the hill.  I look out over the peninsular to the storm, it is way off in the distance today.  Phew.. Means dramas in the other world have settled for a while.  The storm, it rolls on itself like a moody child, darkening greys and blacks in the clouds as it argues with itself, sporadic lightening shards.    I glance down to the beach, half expecting to see Deena on the sand, disappointment pings as I acknowledge that she has moved on, our goodbyes said.   I frown.  I miss these Guides so much when they leave.  I am never left alone, but their personalities and the amount of time they are in my life means I miss them like old friends, gone but never forgotten.

Matthias come up behind me, he has moved into the position of Deena, now my new left hand man.  He places a gentle hand on my shoulder and I lean my cheek on his hand.  "I know" he says and I am immediately surrounded with the purest light blue light in a hug.   I close my eyes and sigh.   "Matthias?" "Yes?"  "I know that we all have Guides/Teachers and whether they are loved ones or not, do they miss us as much as we miss them when they move on?"   I ask him this because I don't even want to talk about Tobias, I miss him deeply at a level I can't explain to most people.

Matthias sighs as well, he knows I will equally in time become just as attached to him as I have to all the others that have come before.  He touches me lightly on the face, today he is a large black man, with the most ebony eyes, they survey me sympathetically.  He will change again to light but I need to talk to someone, not a being, someone and he knows this.

"When you chose to come here, you knew that you would allocated teachers along the way.  Some of these you knew from lives before and agreements that you had from learning together, over 100's of years.   When you came into this body, you chose to forget most of those connections in the interests of learning."  I glance to the sea. "Yes, I know.  You know I would change that in a blink of an eye sometimes".  He chuckles gently, "Yes, we know".    I look at him out of the corner of my eye and laugh lightly.

"Your teachers love you" he comments quietly "They loved you before you acknowledged they had come to help you to learn.   Within this loving and guiding is always the knowledge they will have to let you go eventually, when you reach what you needed to learn from them".  I kick the ground in front of me, and look again out to the sea.   He turns my face to him and his eyes, so compassionate and so loving warm me.  "Don't be sad, we miss you as much, we get very attached to our students as well".   I feel tears and I blink rapidly.  He leans his head to mine.  "You cannot stay mad at them forever" he comments.

I snort, "Get out of my head".  He leans back and laughs. "Perhaps you should send kinder thoughts to Tobias in a Thank  You?"  I mumble under my breath.  I sigh as well though.  Here is me being incredibly ungrateful that I have these wonderful new Guides, Michaela, and Jet added to the team.  Matthias has moved to the left, Adeka moved into the right.  Nothing has been changed really apart from my lovely new teachers.

Still it is nice to know that the Guides/Teachers that work with us and move on, get just as attached to us as we do to them.  They just come from a place of higher understanding that at the end of it all, we will catch up, recount understandings, learnings and all be the wiser for it.   I am struggling with that one at the moment, however for their learning and their growth as well, they have to move on to new students as well.

So send a thought to your hard working Guides/Teachers, make sure to say thank you, you may not see them as clearly as I do.  However, we would be lost without their gentle guides, their unconditional love and understanding.   So THANK YOU to all that have come before and those that will yet to come.    I wish you all every success with your teachers from the Spirit Realms, after all, we are not easy students at times!