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Jacqueline's Blog - From the Lips of an Angel...

Last night was weird, well what am I saying, the story of my life is weird at times as well.   My partner couldn't sleep so took off for the lounge, I hogged the bed completely and drifted back to sleep.    However, in what felt like a matter of moments, I was touched on the cheek and grumpily awakened.   The bed room seems illuminated and I look around to moan at hubby for turning the light on and waking me up, before I have realised that it is not him, but Spirit Light. There is something really amazing about watching Spirit arrive, they always come on such a wonderful frequency, it's very high but extremely pure frequency of loving intention.

I love this frequency, the best way to describe the frequency is the feeling you get when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time and you are filled with such wonder and delight.  Or when you hold an animal that you love with all your heart close and you just feel full to the brim with love for that animal.  It's a wonderful frequency and it's one that Spirit can travel on so fast because of that loving intention. The air spins faster in the spot the light is coming from and in a slight flash, the light is replaced by a very tall, slim woman.  She smiles so very widely and I feel the tingle of hairs raising slightly on my arms at the warmth of her smile.   She walks to the bed and perches on it.   I watch her, everything about her is luminous, glowing in the darkness.

I always think that the books have it so right in some ways, they depict Angels as such amazingly beautiful beings, and they are.  It is not just they look amazing, but they have the most gorgeous frequency, that loving intention.   Long silvery hair curls around her face in gently waves, and she is wearing  long flowing, almost grecian clothing with the folds of the dress, in pale blues falling completely to the floor.   Angels eyes are very interesting as well, they can be at times for me a kaleidoscope of colours within a base colour.  Wisdom of the Ages reflected in her eyes, she comes in close.   I just watch her as the air around her seems to almost pause in awe at the presence of this beautiful being.

She leans in close and smothering laughter, goes shhhhhh at me.  I grin back at her and laugh lightly.  How on earth could you be anything less than Shhhh when these lovely Angels come to visit.   Sometimes for me they hid their wings so fast that I really want to peer in behind them and study their wings for ages, again a kaleidoscope of rainbow colours fans out behind her, elusive in their formation but defined by their blending colours.  Like a stained glass window.

The frequency of her flows into the bedroom and I feel wrapped in an embrace lovingly, I hold my breath and wait.

"Many, many changes are to come in the coming months.  At this time we simply ask you to be flexible in your understanding, flexible in your approach to things that cannot be changed.  All will be having this transgression, transformation at this time and above all we wish you to be kind to yourselves.    Always you are supported by the loving light of the Angelic Realms and the Spirit worlds.   Please know that you have to only ask for guidance, calm and help and the ears of the Angels are tuned to this.  Always we will assist, always we will come.

Look not unto the grumbles and disappointments surfacing from past situations and people.  Look instead to the wonderful qualities of people and inspire yourselves always to be the best you can be.  Not for others, but for the simple pleasure of yourself being as true as you can be.    Many, many roads and lives have been travelled to get to this junction, please acknowledge in self, the journey made and the journey yet to complete.   Allow yourself the ability to liberate your senses and enable your emotions to empower you on the rest of the journey forward.  Truly cast aside fear for a fear based living is no longer one which resonates with the frequency of your heart and the changes of the cellular structures within.   These changes in self are not about transition but about the truth of you, the Universe within and the cellular structure changes into this new resonating frequency.   In allowing yourself to change, you simply allow metamorphosis out of your old frequency into the new.   There is some slight shrugging and slothing off of old habits, old ways, expect your body to respond on a physical level as it lets go of the heaviness of the old and replaces with the lightness of the new.

Allow also others to experience their journey as well, for simply all are so unique and all must find the way of change in a manner that most befits them.   Again in the allowing, not expecting others to change the unity of the planet continues in the way it should do. No one person should resent or pull another, just know as moving forward, you all need to cement to the frequency which most aligns with your Soul journey and your unique vibrational frequency.     All quite simply is as it should be.

Watch too with excitement this year, as many souls who have completed their life's journey will making the transition homeward.  Have no sorrow at this time, just the understanding that all also is how it should be.  The balance to be restored in the renewal of life and the babies to be born into this time.  Born of the wonder of the new frequency, they come with knowledge to restore the planet to her well-being and will come equipped with an innate love and appreciation of your beloved world.  Know this too will be all as it should be.   Worry not, fear not, for in the understanding of the changes to come there is and will be simply much to celebrate".

I listen in wonder, and she leans forward and kisses me lightly on the head.  My eyes drift  downwards immediately and I fight to keep them open.  She smiles so gently, so kindly and warmly.  Touches my brow and turns away.   She turns for a moment "Remember" she says and she is gone.   The room darkens and I am pulled upwards again.

Ever the messenger at times in the work I do, ever I am delighted to pass forward what has been given and I hope the loving frequency of the Angel, resonates with you and warms your heart as much as it did mine .