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Jacqueline's Blog - Entertaining Angels

Hmm yesterday I was working on a class format with the help of the Angels.   I was asking the Angels to come in and give their Guidance and Wisdom through Angel Card readings.   Now normally I work closely with the Guides on any of the formats for the Workshops as well. Imagine my delight as two small Angels, the size of Cherubs turned up yesterday to help me with the format.   Cassandra came in at the same time and I felt incredibly blessed to have such a variety of personalities helping me.  The two smaller Angels were childlike in their form, one light, curling hair and one dark, tousled hair, the lighter coloured one in hues of turquoise, indigo, teal and whites.   Wings like butterflies, rippling and changing colours.  The small darker one, in hues of cream, rust, orange and reds, ever-changing colours like a moving river of light.    I could spend ages around these beings with their calmness, joy and vibrational energies. Standing,  one on either side with Cassandra looming over all us of we looked at the plan of the class and what would be needed in the lay outs of the cards so the Angels could communicate as much guidance as possible.  

My No.1 son appeared around the corner while we were in deep conversation.   "Whoa! Mum! who you got with you?"    I look up distractedly "What? Why?"     "Oh no reason, only I came around the corner and all I can see is you enclosed in this really cool light, but its all different colours and its huge!"   I laugh and glance at the Angels, the dark one smiles delightedly and quick as a flash has zoomed off towards No.1 son. I laugh "Look out! you got an Angel bearing down on you".   The look on his face is priceless, startled. "Mum! don't be silly".    I laugh in delight as the small Angel wraps my son in warm orange light and he starts giggling.   The small Angel zooms up to ear height and whispers in his ear.   He doesn't realise that he has tilted his head to listen.   Instead he comments "I have an itchy ear now".   The light coloured Angel bursts out laughing beside me, a chiming tinkle of laughter that ripples along my nerve endings like an energizing blast of energy and I burst out laughing with delight.

The dark Angel, changes the colour of light around No.1, it deepens to a deep blue, calming and surreal.  I look at the colour change and the dreamy look that has come over No.1's face.   Intrigued, I start to ask him, but he says "I get it now, I feel great" and wanders off.   I look around the hallway at him heading off and say to the dark Angel, "What did you do?"   The Angel, twinkles laughter, a deeper chime of delight runs across the nerve endings and I chuckle.   "Just answered the question he was going to ask you".   I laugh again "Well thank you!  I think you probably made him happier than I could have!".

I glance up at Cassandra and she smiles gently back at me, waves of understanding, love and contentment radiate from her.   She pulls me gently back to what we are doing for the class and once again the small dark Angel returns in a blast of creams, oranges, reds to comment on what else we should be adding, "For the fun of it!" She chimes delightedly.   I laugh.

You know I wonder that my family think I am truly nuts,  I spend so much time with these amazing beings, the Guides the Angels, loved ones.  Always laughing out of the blue, talking to someone out loud that they cannot see.   I value the patience of my family, their understanding and their love in the face of their odd mother doing odd things.

The small Angels on either side of me lean in closer and delighted banter pops backwards and forwards as they tell me the personalities that will be in the class.  "Shhh", I go,"that's cheating"   Innocent eyes, light blue, and dark blue survey me, shimmering with joy, mischievousness, and delight and they both burst out laughing, wind chimes of laughter that is so contagious you have to laugh with them.   We are joined by Cassandra who wraps us in light, golden as the sun, and as warm as the delight of being alive.

My smallest son appears and looks at us all intently. "You all are nuts" he says and walks off again.    The small Angels burst forth with even more chimes of laughter and the energy rises to a pitch where I am forever conscious of the power of these delightful beings.        I am truly grateful for their presence in all of our lives and the gifts of love that they bring with them.

Understand that when you call for the help of the Angels, that no one is not heard, that no one person will be left alone.  The Angelic realms run on such a pure energy of love, that by their mere presence the Angels bring Love, Peace and Calm.   Be safe in the knowledge that the Angels have heard you and are keeping you safe in their arms.