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Jacqueline's Blog - Energy shifts to Heart Thoughts...

Well we are fast approaching the end of the year and with the end of the year comes loads of energy endings for last year.  What a roller coaster ride for some parts of the world.  Where I live there has been some amazing changes, earth movement, people movement, massive energy shifts created by the movement of the land and spiritual growth energy.

Last night I couldn't sleep, I wandered around the house and thought about all the changes that have happened over the last year and then I called the Guides to come and talk to me.   I wanted to share with you what they had to say.

You sit on the cusp of a new beginning, a new opportunity, a new coming year of changes.  These changes have been designed to implement over the year 2012.  In the coming months, there will be global changes as it sets the stage for the ongoing growth of mankind.  Physical Energy movement will affect countries,  cosmic energy changes will shift revolutions of the earth plane.  Energy affecting humans will become increased.  Make sure at this time you take the time to sleep as much as you need, as shifts are also completed while you are sleeping to allow your physical body to change with the external energy changes.

There will also be changes in your spiritual growth, this is a time of reflection of all that you have learned, but also an understanding that you need to look at all you have achieved and let go of the things that you have completed.  It is necessary within spiritual growth to acknowledge there is still more room to grow, on this basis you still have much to learn and there is a need to retain what you have learned that has value and let go of learning from the past which has been experienced but is no longer required.   When you carry memories of past hurts, past betrayals, fear of being hurt and deceived, you cannot open your heart enough to let more knowledge come to you.  We aid you at this transitional time to allow you to process this understanding and acknowledge in the opening of your heart that you have more room to grow and adjust to the changes to come.

The balances of thought and heart thought need to be adjusted in the movement forward.  In the past you have very much thought with your mind, your reasoning and your logic.  The alignment of the energy building and to be released in 2012 require that you have the correct balance of heart thought and mind thought.  There will be changes to get you to see the understanding of this.    Previously you had thought that if you opened your heart, you would become vulnerable.   You will not, you will become stronger and more aware with the opening of your heart.  For within your heart, lies the truth of who you are, the purpose of your being and the knowledge that you seek. 

Know that moving forward will require you to open your heart more for your own understanding and that this is something you simply cannot do with your mind.   We stand beside you at each step of your progress but know while we stand with you, we cannot address this last understanding, for it is what you must truly reach inside yourself to achieve and acquire.   Listen closely to the wisdom of your heart thoughts for what you seek lies within you, always has, but you have just not been ready to look to you for the answers you seek.

You know, I worry that if I open my heart, it will make me vulnerable, to be hurt again.  Yet in a way I understand that in doing this, in opening my heart more, I can actually be more of who I am.   Not about fearing that others will hurt my heart, but being brave enough to say with all that I have learned, with all the knowledge that I have gained, I NEED to do this and while I have grumped and moaned at the Guides to help me, I understand that it is something that they cannot help me with.  I chose to come, I chose this path, it MUST be me to open the understanding of my own heart.

I want to do this, and I know I NEED to do this to move forward into the new energy.  It should be a time for no regrets, the past is in the past, what I have learned I need to retain, what has shaped me, I need to acknowledge, however I don't need to hold onto those feelings or any regrets.  That's behind me, I don't know what's in front of me, but by the feel of the energy, it will be amazing.   I want to move with the world in its changes, I want to be here for all of these wonderful things yet to come.

So look into your heart, open to the love of yourself, your knowledge, your wisdom gained and your understanding.  Stop criticising yourself and start to unfold who you are by listening to your heart thoughts, these are the ones that define you.  Say shhhhh to your brain and listen to your truth in your heart.  Accept these loving thoughts of you and come with me in looking forward to the changes that 2012 has yet to bring.