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Jacqueline's Blog - Energy Changes and Acceptance of Self

Last night I was watching the light show on my ceiling, orbs flying everywhere, which always makes me smile.  I laugh because the kids always say "Mummmmmmmm!  What are you looking at".      There is always so much more going on at an energy level that we pay attention to.  We dismiss things like flashes of light, and changes of energy as ourselves just being over reactive or over imaginative.   However, there is some major energy changes happening right at the moment and you do not need to be able to "see" to be able to notice them.

I've had a lot of people asking me, what on earth is up.  Why they can just wake up one day and look at their friends in a complete different light, that what they thought made them happy suddenly feels a little Ho Hum, or has a "nails on a blackboard" feel about it.   These changes that are filtering in to us, and through us are coinciding with the planetary alignments of awareness.

It's not that you have suddenly "morphed" into something else, but you ARE changing.   What is changing in energy is HOW we address our patterns, habits and the level of learning we are reaching.  This year is pivotal in that energetic change, simply for the reason its much more noticeable and people are really starting to get those "ohhhh its not just me, is it" moments.

"Are people more difficult? or is that just me?"  or "suddenly I am seeing people in a whole new light, is it them or me?"   People are not being any one thing less or more, they are just EVOLVING and in that evolution we are more defining what really suits us and what does not.  Simply because we have that choice.

Its like this, and I love this analogy from the Guides.   Say I put you in a row-boat and only gave you one oar and said you can only row from one side of the boat.  Around and around in a circle you go as you try to move forward.  Eventually you go "this is ridiculous" and sit back and pull the oar into the boat and just decide to go where the boat takes you.   *laughs Thanks Aeron.

At the end of the day, when you reach that pivotal understanding that you are only really fighting with yourself and its easier to stop doing that and start to listen to what your heart wants for you, OF COURSE you will start to notice everyone else around you with completely new eyes.    Because the energy of those people belonged to the person rowing the boat with ALL their focus on the oar and where they THOUGHT they should be going.

This energy changes that... challenges that... empowers us beyond that.    Welcome to the new you.  How much you ACCEPT what you truly need for yourself at this time, is how much everything else in your life changes with it.

I was talking to Merrin while she was pulling out weeds in the garden on the hillside.  I looked down and out and across the valley below and blinked for a moment in the hot sun.   "You going to spit out what's bothering you?"  Merrin says from behind me.   I laugh.   I turn and look at black twinkling eyes in a weathered crinkled beloved face.  "Nothing is bothering me".   Her eyebrows soar and I hear "hmmph".   I laugh again.

"What if people try to go backwards in this energy, back to where they thought they were comfortable?".  She shakes her head and her fast fingers pull tiny weeds from the vegetable plot.  "There is never going back, even if the river changes path, it never goes back to the way it was before.   The question is WHY would you want to go back?".   I join her and pull random weeds from the garden pensively.

"People will worry about which direction they are going in".   She snorts "People worry about all things except truly enjoying their lives"  She looks pointedly at me.  "Like you, too much brain work and not enough fun".   I refrain from poking my tongue out at her like a petulant child.

She shifts and looks at me directly.  "No one person plays the same tune forever, there needs to be change for them to understand themselves.  Within that acceptance of self, then they understand truly what they need for themselves.  It is not about direction, or where they are going, what they are doing.  It is truly about how they feel in themselves about others, themselves, their enjoyment of life.   It is more simple than they think because they DON'T have to think.  It simply is what it is".

"So there is no right or wrong in going forward, but a clearer understanding of WHO we are and what we need in our lives, work, family, friends?"   She flaps a hand at me in annoyance.   "Those are all choices, they are all what you choose to have in your world based on your current state of mind, how you feel.   If you are grumpy, you get grumpy people around you.  If you are happy, you get happy people, this is regardless of whether is family or friends, this is just a manifestation of the energy that you are exuding.  When you accept self as is, as the being you are defined by not your selfishness but an acceptance of understanding you.  Then and only then do you start to see and honour and respect that others need to do this too.    You cannot go back from this, you have already progressed forward in your understanding, so the Universe is already responding to this "new" awareness that you have of yourself.

Suddenly, you will look at everything, everyone around and you say "Oh did I choose this? and Oh my, I can see I have changed some things and yet I still get to choose for me going forward".    The friendships you may have had, have served their purpose for that stage of learning and now you are ready to move forward into more energy that is directly aligned with you.   This is a positive change because in the acceptance of self, you understand your own growth.   There is nothing wrong with those people, the situation, your work colleague, your family, there is just the understanding that YOU now the choice to align with your own choices, what truly EMPOWERS you".      She weeds some more of the garden and I think about what she is saying.

We are really so spoilt for choice here, in terms of what serves us, and I am not talking about the "have to's" they are truly only a perception, because if you really want to change things.  You always will and you will find that it may not always be what you expected but it has shifted you from an energy place that didn't resonate with you any more to another space.

Stop questioning all the changes that are happening, stop expecting yourself to try to rekindle friendships, grudges, misunderstandings and look for the "illumination" of them.   Does that energy really suit you any more?  What does your heart say?   Don't look back, don't look forward, just allow that understanding to filter into your being.

You are changing, the Universe and the world is changing with you.  THAT'S OK.  Stop thinking about it so much and allow, and ENJOY.   You don't need to push and pull an energy that is already sliding into place, go with that flow and enjoy.. it's that simple, you've earned it after a year of changes and challenges, allow yourself just to be.