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Jacqueline's Blog - Elijah and the Book of Truths...

I get so very attached to Guides, and I have to say I really am saddened when they leave.  However, like any wonderful teacher, they have come in to allow us to find an aspect of ourselves, deal with understanding, and enable us to find our own growth.  The saying is always "A Good Teacher never shows you everything, but empowers you to find your own answers".   That is so symbolic of the Guides.  Also my understanding is that our Guides can be aspects of our Higher Selves, the pieces we refuse simply to acknowledge in our own beauty.

This morning I farewelled Elom, who came in at a time when my faith in my own understanding was wobbling like a ant at the very top of a blade of grass.   We all have these moments and I truly believe this is a part of getting to know ourselves as well.   Until we look at what makes us insecure, what our own doubts and fears are, then we simply sit at the top of the blade of grass, wobbling like mad and not really having the courage to take that leap of faith, all the time knowing at some inner part of us, that there simply isn't any failure.  It is our own lack of confidence in ourselves, a judgement, a perception.

The newest addition is Elijah..   I have had the honour of talking to him over the last couple of days and cementing into the energy of him.  The Guides all come on different frequencies to me, and adjustments as you get used to them are both interesting and rewarding.

As usual whenever I get a new Guide I throw all sorts of questions at them to see what they are here to teach, to guide with and the understanding or a snippet of it that they bring.   So it's not so much a Book of Truths, but the truths that Elijah wanted to share with me and he does this simply every time I try and criticise myself and I feel it applies to all of us.

I could have done better:    Elijah responds "What is the benchmark that you perceive that you could have done better?  Are you an Olympic Runner racing for position on the podium?    Does a bird ever fly to a tree and suggest to itself that it should have flown better?   By what perception are you judging for never is there anyone following you around and pointing out that you could have tried harder, accomplished more.  This is simply a perception you are owning.   It is time to change it.   I have done well, what was required, I am at peace with myself.    Striving for something beyond what you do, or have done, means that you will never stop and see the true value of the experience.  Come back to allowing the energy to flow rather than pushing and shoving".

Did I let that person down?:  Elijah responds "Did they tell you, that you let them down?  or is that a perception again that you are owning.   You let yourself down more by over analysing conversations and situations.   More is the question why are you thinking that you have.  In what manner?  Were you cruel? Were you rude?   Judgemental?   Because if you feel you were these to another, in truth you are worse to yourself, for the Universe reflects back what you need to grow and these learnings will cycle back.   Think more have I been honest with both myself and others, been true in a compassionate and kind manner, to myself first.  Then you truly understand it is only your perception.   Do not spend endless time making up scenarios which are invisible to the eye but a mind field of the brain."

I should have said that:  Elijah responds "Then why did you not?  If you have not said what you should have, then be honest with yourself.    If the time has passed and it is no longer valid, then let it go.  Do not be consumed by what could have been.  Find the words in a compassionate and kind manner, as you would like them said to you, and be at one with your voice.   The only person that can add clarity to your words is you, no one person can read your thoughts or voice your understanding in the way you can.  Until you find your voice you will struggle continually with others making assumptions you are okay with their views.   Again do not let I should have's consume your energy and your time.  Speak  kindly, warmly as you would expect others to you, and own your voice, for you.   For words spoken rudely, will haunt you more than a gently spoken word."

What if they don't like me? Elijah responds "What if you DON'T like you?  If the world is a mirror and you refuse to accept that you do not like yourself, then you draw the understanding of people who also do not like themselves.    The traits you see in them of their intolerance to self, and lack of self love will both frustrate and annoy you, yet failing to recognise these are your own traits being shown back to you, it brings more learning.   Why do you perceive that you are not liked?   This world is not a cruel teacher, rather an understanding that this journey is about you.   Take the time to address your own attitude and energy directed towards yourself, and you will notice a direct response from others.   When you treat yourself in a loving manner, so too do others.   Setting yourself up to gain more understanding from your own self reflected in others is a hard road to walk.   Love you first, like you first and the world shows you back your own beautiful qualities."


Elijah takes me to a small stream where the crystal water flows brilliantly through small stones and rocks, he looks at me and places stones in the path of the water.   The water shapes and forms around the stones and the rocks, simply finding another alternative route.   He smiles

"The water never thinks, I haven't done enough, I should have done better.  The water never thinks I should have spoken out.   The water never thinks I am not liked or loved.    The water simply flows, in its purpose, it's truth and its understanding.    The rocks it meets, it curves around and takes in its stride, it never believes that the rock has got in it's way on purpose, or has a hidden agenda, it simply finds a way to keep flowing regardless of the obstacles".

I smile.   "Choose always wisely what you put into the energy of thought, for in this time of frequency change and the manifestation you can create in your own world and learning, you bring yourself simply more learning than you truly need to.   De clutter your thoughts, your mind and free yourself from complicated scenarios and worries, that truly never come to fruition anyway.    Own your thoughts, actions and words in a positive, loving manner and be at one with yourself".

So there you have it...  Stop question, worrying and over thinking and for a time, just for a time, try being a river... go with the flow, find an alternative route, take things in your stride, but NEVER stop knowing that you are the Creator of your own learning, by the manifestation of your thoughts.    Be kinder to yourself and just for a time.... Just be ♥