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Jacqueline's Blog - Discussions with Dead people...

It has been an interesting time over these school holidays.   I have been able to spend an awful lot of time with my youngest child due to my other son working harvesting black currants over the holidays.  I am ever intrigued with my children, and in fact all children in particular, not governed by rules or regulations yet of what should be or could be, they shine in their own brilliance of understanding.  I am ever delighted when my son started a conversation around Spiritual matters simple because I have a tendency to just take for granted at times the interactions from the Spirit Realms.

No.2 and I were in the front garden weeding before the heat of day came in to nip at us with sharp sunlit fingers.   He leans in conspiratorially, "Mum, there's a dude with blonde hair on the lawn behind you".   "Oh, Spirit or here?"   He looks at me "Spirit".  "Has he got curly blonde hair? and looks like he is in his 20's?"  No.2 staring at me "Yes why?"     "That's Tim.  Say Hi to him, he used to live in our house before he passed".    No.2 looks over my shoulder "Hey!  He said Hi back and smiled at me".  I laugh and keep digging.   He stares over my shoulder for a time.  "Why's he watching us?"    I giggle "You can see him, you ask him".

He looks again over my shoulder and frowns "He says he was bored and came to see what we were doing".  I lean in to No.2.  "Tell him we are not that interesting!"   No.2 bursts out laughing.   "He thinks you're funny!".   I wink at him.    "weeding?"  I ask him.   He digs in the ground for a bit more and then sits back.   "Why do dead people like you so much?"     I nearly fall into the garden snorting laughter.

What an accolade... DEAD PEOPLE LIKE ME!  I laugh for ages.   He frowns "Why is Tim laughing too".  That makes me laugh harder.   I take a breath and say "Ask Tim why dead people like me honey.  He might give a better reason than I do".    No.2's face lights up "really?"  I smile.  "You ask him".        No.2 stares off into the front lawn, listening attentively.   Anybody looking from the outside would think this child has gone off in a dream world, when he is actually paying attention to the young man talking to him.

I watch my Grandfather settle on the return verandah of the house over looking the piece of garden that I am working on and smile at him.  He winks and waits.

I weed more and listen to Tim talking to No.2.    He is very patient and understanding and answers all of my son's questions.  I smile to myself and again am delighted that my son is happy to talk to the Spirit Realms, accepting that there is Spirit in our world and taking that knowledge as acceptable and normal.   My Grandfather winks at me again and I smirk at the ground.   I am sure he will add his two cents worth at some stage and wonder if No.2 has noticed he is there yet.

No.2 suddenly talks out loud.  "Right!  Well that makes sense completely!".   I turn and look at him "Ok then?"  He nods.  "I get it I think.  Hey Bos!  He explained their frustration".   I stare at him.  "Since when do you call Great Granddad Bos?".   "Oh he asked me to".  I glare at Granddad and he shrugs.  He never wanted to be called Granddad while here so no surprise there!

No.2 pulls some weeds.  "You know its kinda cool that Spirit like you so much Mum.   I hope they always want to come and talk to me as well".    "I think they will hon, it's just making the time to listen sometimes.  No one likes to be ignored and Spirit people get ignored a lot really".   He nods "Yeah, that's what Tim said.  He said he tried and tried to make his parents listen to him, tried to get them to see that he was ok, that he hadn't died really but just the body wasn't there any more.   He got very, very sad that he couldn't reach them to tell them he was ok."      I nod, "yes, it's very frustrating for them.   They try very hard.  They come with songs, they move things, they send smells and thoughts, their love and all the time we don't notice".   He nods, "That's why they like you so much, cause you see them and listen".   I smile at him and reach and hug him "Well you know what's cool?   You do too! and they like that as well".

He digs for a moment and frowns.   "Well I think we are pretty dumb really."  I look at him startled.  "Why?"   "Well it's not like we would like it if they jumped up and said BOO!  But really we should be grateful that they try so hard.  I mean how hard is it NOT to see them?  They are THERE.  So we are just dumb for not looking properly".    I nod, "Yep you know hon, I think you are right".

He looks over at Bos and chuckles.  I wave the fork at him threateningly.   "Granddad!  DO NOT teach him that particular ditty!  He is only 11 years old!"    No.2 and I look at each other and burst out laughing.   Laughter echoes from the Spirit Realms along with us.

How lovely that our children have these abilities.  How sad, we don't acknowledge how special they are and work to show we as adults, believe in their Gifts.    Take the time to acknowledge all your loved ones who come in and around you.  Understand that regardless of whether you can see them, they are there.  Take the time to thank them for that as well, and if you have kids? take a moment to listen to what they see, really listen.  They may well just surprise you with their wisdom and insights.