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I have been reflecting, still working but reflecting as well.    A lot of people have been asking me about 2012, and I have said in other blogs, that I feel that this is the Year of Self, self-appreciation and understanding of how you work in the realms of your body, your mind and your emotions.  There will be challenges that come from that as well, at many levels this year for most.

Also I watched a situation play out between two "Spiritual" people, in a very non spiritual manner.   I passed no judgement however, as the exchange was between the two of them, I was just intensely interested in how they interacted.  Lately it seems I have been observing at many levels interactions with people.  Both in how your Chakras behave towards others, energy exchanges, emotional exchanges, and word exchanges.    (If I stare at you microscopically, you know what the interest in you is!)

In the "In Between" yesterday, I was sitting on the top of the cliff, looking out to sea, the storm way off in the distance, I wasn't really paying attention to where I was, I was thinking about concepts, wisdom and understanding.  Suddenly, "Rock" I think,  and I am down at the bottom of the cliff, perched on another favourite spot where the sea embraces loving around a large flat rock, there is a soothing surge in the motion of the tide.  I stick my feet and legs into the sea, the green-blue water, welcomes me like an old friend.

The sunlight glints of the slight surging water and I de-focus my eyes until it blurs.   What am I trying to work out.  Hmmm our labels, perceptions, what we own in ourselves and our minds.    Hmm the definition of Spirituality.   It has circled around me for a week now, the disagreement I witnessed, comes back into my mind.       It's one comment that was said, one comment, one condemnation thrown at another.  "If you were Spiritual! you would understand".     Boy, what a hum dinger of an insult.

Under my feet the water-colour starts to change, I notice this in a preoccupied manner, aware but still running over the exchange in my head, the colour lightens to a very light blue.    Warmth spreads through my toes and up my legs.   Slowly rising like a sea creature is Mathias.   I look at him indifferently. "Well I thought it was funny" he says. "What?" I ask distractedly.   Twinkly brilliant colours, he shakes.  Water sprays all over me.  "Hey!" instantly aware with coldness. "Not fair! you don't GET wet! What was that for?"    "Oh there you are" he laughs.   I get it, I was being rude.  I laugh "Sorry and Hello!"

"Okay, Teach, wisdom of the Realms.  You see what I am thinking, define Spirituality for me please"  He plops beside me. "You know this"  " I do but I will post about it and I love listening to the truth of your words, so do the people who read the blog".     I relax into the light of him contentedly.  I love these Guides so much, their energy is like coming home.  His voice, melodic and soothing rolls around me.

"Once there was an old man of the sea, he governed the seas that flowed over the earth.  There was also an old man who governed the sky and all that encircled the earth.   Each was wise, but conceited.   One day the old man of the skies looked down on the old man of the seas.  "You there, I have watched you govern and I feel that you could do better" stated the old man of the sky.   The old man from the sea looked up "How so? For I have also watched you govern the sky and myself are not unduly impressed with your rule either".

The two were offended by the others comments and resentment grew.  The old man of the sea stirred up the waves to lash out at the old man of the sky and the old man of the sky summoned the winds and clouds to lash out at the old man of the sea.    The storm swirled for days over the points where the sea and the sky were closest.

The old man of the land watched from the head lands.   He shook his head in dismay, he did not agree with the old man of the sea, he did not agree with the old man of the skies.  What he was saddened by the stupidity of the argument.  The sky never touched the sea.  The sea could not touch the sky.  Therefore it was a circular and pointless argument, about whom was the better ruler.    He waited until both had exhausted themselves and called to them.    The old man of the sea rose up to listen, the old man of the sky came down to hear.    The old man of the land spoke.

"I have watched you both, and I wish to say that I side with neither for the simple reason of balance"  Both stared at him. "This world was created by a beautiful being, with beautiful intention of balance.  The sea was given its beauty, worth and space.  The sky was given its beauty, worth and space, the land was given its beauty, worth and space.   Each of these things have their own uniqueness, are complimentary to each other.  Alone they are only one thing, combined they are our world.  

Understand that each of us are equally important to this world, its structure and it's worth.    Before you both exhaust yourselves again, think on this.   What right do you have to judge that the other is wrong, when each of your realms are so very different.   Both of you have ruled successfully for many lifetimes until you decided to interfere with the other.   Be content in your own realm, your own light, share what you can for the good of the world but never judge another for their experiences are unique to themselves".   The Old man of the sea considered the words, and so too did the old man of the sky.  They nodded to the old man of the land and quietly moved back to their realms.    They still argue now and again for they are conceited, but they never tell the other who is wrong".

I clap my hands delightedly together and beam at Mathias.  "I love that!"   He sparkles in the sunlight gently beside me.  I so got it again.  I really did.

We define things here, square boxes, labels and definitions.   Being Spiritual isn't a contest, isn't a banner, it is a balance.  A balance of being.  It isn't an Award, a new thing, a 2012 New Age banner.  It is integrity, wisdom, kindness and LOVE, acceptance that all of us are different and amazing.  Not forcing your point of view of Spiritualism on another, that is wrong, so wrong.    Look first unto you..  Look first at yourself, before your criticise anyone for their integrity and beliefs, for we have so much work to do on ourselves before we can remotely judge another.