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Jacqueline's Blog - Animals in Spirit

I get a lot of questions from people about their animals, ones both living and ones passed.  It is always lovely during the course of a reading that an animal or animals will appear and go directly to their owner.   The dogs amuse me, they always do things that were special to them.  The dog who continually lolled its long, long tongue out at its owner, making her laugh.  The dog who swung around and around in circles, just like it did here on the earth plane,  to prove it was really theirs.   Large ones, small ones, all sorts of animals.   Cats always come with purring first which is just lovely, their excitement at seeing their owner just tremendous.  Animals are capable of tremendous amounts of love and will come back to let their owners know that they are okay.

In spirit these animals have the same traits, the same tendencies and personalities that they had while here.  In a way animals deal with leaving the earth plane a heck  of a lot easier than what we do.   We worry about people, about this and about that.  However, as we seamlessly pass to the spirit world, there is a flow and ease that is wonderful to see.  A while ago my bird passed, it was a Cockatiel, his name was Rocky, he was 7 years old.   As the time came, Spirit warned me that the bird would not survive and that he would wait until the morning to say goodbye.  I tucked him up on a wheat bag and dreaded the morning coming.  I get very, very attached to my animals.   I came out in the morning to find him still alive, the Guides stepped closer and as I lifted him out of the cage, the physical slumped in my hand and seamlessly rising from the body was this beautiful glowing, luminous bird, complete in his colours but so incredibly alive and beautiful.  He alighted on my Guides arm and whistled happily, resplendent in all his energy and glowing light.

My son peeked around my shoulder and saw our bird, lying cradled in my hands and broke into tears.   "Oh Honey, you can cry for the loss of him here, but you need to look over here for a moment".   I held out my arm and watched as this beautiful little Spirit bird who had been such part of our lives, flew and landed on my arm.   My son looked back and forward, trying to get his head around the fact, that this beautiful glowing bird was the same bird I was holding cradled in my hand.  I smiled at him, "See, it's okay, Rocky is fine, happy and well now".   The Guides nodded and smiled.  Not really a reason for loss, but to see the transition from this plane to the next in its splendour and glory, does warm your heart in the knowledge that your animal bears you no animosity, regret.  Just loves you as much as they did here.

So please know, even though we mourn the loss of our pets, and miss them dearly.   They are accepted into the Spirit Realm as easily, if not easier, than we are.  Just total acceptance and freedom.    I am trying to teach my boys to understand this is a just a transition and one day we too will have that freedom as well.  In the meantime, Mischief (Cat) still sleeps in the garden even after being gone for 5 years, my Dad "caught" her when she passed and let me know, "Jac's I have your cat, don't cry", Rascal (cat) gone 1.5 years, smooges  me in the wee small hours and jumps out from under the table.    My eldest son, laughs with delight to tell me that at times in the night, his pet rat, Shadow who has been gone for the last 3 years, runs through the bed-clothes and tickles him.

Send out your thoughts of love to your animals, they miss you as much as you miss them.  Know they are "caught" in loving arms with their transition to the Spirit Realm, the same way we are,  and very much looked after and will pop back to let you know that they are well and okay, just as our loved ones do.