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Jacqueline's Blog - 2013 The Universal Year of Balance...

As the residual energy of 2012 makes us dig deep into ourselves to release long-held onto emotions, karmic loops, and freeing us to be able to move more freely in the 2013 energy of the Heart, I ask the Guides to pass on clarity of what the year will bring in terms of our Spiritual Growth and learning.    Tai comes welcomes me to the Zen Garden and show explains the wisdom of 2013, the Universal Year of Balance.

I watch this Teacher as he gracefully places himself on the small seat beside the pond, his dark eyes watching me intently and he slowly talks, the Zen Garden fades as he gives me understanding of the Year to unfold.

"As you move out of the challenge of exploring the depths of yourself with emotional triggers that you have refused to release for many, many years, you come to understand yourself more.   The "pings" of other people no longer make your heart hurt as you work through the emotional chambers of your inner heart emotions.  This residual clearing energy fades out through March and opens into April with new beginnings.  However, within this Year of Balance there is a continual need to address the balances between work and play, emotional and logic, physical and spiritual as the Year of Balance brings a new understanding of the integration of the need for balances in all aspects of life and the journey.

This will be a year that challenges people to look after their physical, to change what has been out of balance for so long.  Your conditioning is not one of value of the human form at a simple nature, but rather over the last 30 years has been a focussed push placing tremendous stress on your bodies as you have created a society governed towards working out of balance, rather than in balance.  Physical dis-orders, psychological dis-orders, increased cancers, stresses and complaints are your body's way of trying to advise you of the need to look at these balances.   Simply put you have forgotten how to truly enjoy your life, the balance weighted in the drive to succeed, materialistic gain, a disharmony of gratitude for the beauty of life.  This has not happened over night but is reflected in the current increase of illnesses of the physical form.    As you have moved away from the balance of the Heart energy so too has the heart suffered and the increase in heart disease on the earth plane reflects this imbalance.

The Universe calls for the equation to be rebalanced in self and the physical.  To this end this year heralds change, of those called from the Earth plane as their journey finishes and those who will come to the Earth plane on her journey forward.  A year of closure and new beginnings.   Most important is attention to health of the physical in this change of balances.

Within the Year of Balance is understanding the balance of positive and negative.  We consider at times that your perception of negative is based on fear, for only truly darkness can illuminate possibilities so wonderfully and so too in this balance of light and dark, brings a deeper understanding of oneself.    Understand there simply is simply no loss, nothing is undervalued, stolen or misplaced, the value of the learning each reward or challenge brings unlocks simply more of your understanding of self, and as your life is a Journey of Self, each step needs to be celebrated for the wisdom and understanding gained.

By the time you have reached June, all will pause in this year and look back at the tremendous growth, both of the planet and of more gratitude for the changes within the Year of Balance.   Broken into the power of 3 this year simply brings changes in three monthly cycles for the whole of the year.   Do not look forward with trepidation to what is to come, but rather come back to the essence of simplicity in this year, the balance of being.  For too many times you look forward and wonder what "over there" will be like, when the value of the now is truly so very important and impacts so much more "over there", than you truly have dreamed.

Look within self where you apply energy this year.  The human nature is one of conditional worry, and the amplified energy of the humanity collective has such power to negate or change energy when applied in a positive rather than a negative nature.  Never under-estimate the power of positive thought.    Maintain your balances in thoughts for you truly manifest what you desire in this new energy more than you have ever done before, so again choose wisely where you direct your energy.     The Universal energy flows smoother with those who work to maintain balances, rather than trying to cling to old structures, habits and conditions.  Above all this year, do not try to control situations but remain flexible as the Universe brings the desired outcomes in ways beyond your assumed calculations.

Value your people and loved ones this year, for again in the Heart Energy of the Universal Year of Balance, it too is important to acknowledge emotions and the balances required.   For too long you have hidden emotions from others, that have needed to be shown.  As mentioned all emotions in balance bring a peace to the well-being of the physical and emotions are truly one of the most important experiences of the Earth Plane journey.

Never take for granted time in this Year for linear time moves on the swiftest wings and this is not a year for regrets, rather than an empowerment of self and understanding of whom you are called to be, as many will have, in this year their purposes illuminated.  However, it will take courage to change conditions and habits to enable you to be all you can be"

Tai nods at me and I allow the frequency of all that he has said to flow over my being.   This year does call for us to balance ourselves.  The Year of Self 2012 called for us to look to our own accountability in our lives.  This year looms with such promise and anticipation that I believe addressing our balances is crucial for our health and well-being.  The more we learn to look after ourselves, our wonderful bodies and our spiritual well-being the more integrated we become in to the balances we so deserve.   Look at your own life, how are you balances?  Between work?  Play?  Relationships? Exercise?  I know I have quite a few things to look at, and after a journey of the Spiritual, it truly is time to look at the value of the physical as this body needs to be celebrated, for without it there simply is no journey here.     Balance YOU and you will see the world as a more balanced place to be.