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Jacqueline's Blog - 2012... Not quite the earth shattering blast...

After all the hype and getting through the year with all its wonderful moments, and learning spaces, 2012 slipped quietly into the night with no sonic boom, or light bulb epiphanies, just a resolve to spend more time to do the things you want to do.

Having said that 2013 has come with its wonderful new energy that a New Year seems to bring.   I had quite a few emails about the End of the World, from all over the world actually, many reassurances given to people sadly,  but the one thing that saddened me the most was one small boy, a friend of my No.2 son.

He had told my son, that the end of the world would happen, that there would be a massive meteorite hit the planet and most people would die.   He said that he had made sure that he had cuddled his cat one last time before he was made to go to school.   My son listened patiently and then was incredibly concerned when his friend said he was terrified and wasn't my son.

My son patiently tried to explain that he did not feel that the world would end, that the world would continue as it was changing, always and people slowly learning that people are important.  That the changes will come from within as people understand the value of their lives and others.    No amount of explaining could change the fear in this boy.

I wandered off to the Zen Garden and talked to Tai about it.   He sighed heavily and I waited for him to tell me about the Human condition!  For me, we are at times so fear based.  We fear we will lose our people and spend huge amounts of energy worrying about them, rather than investing all that energy into loving them as much as possible.

We fear losing money, our jobs, our homes, we fear commitment, failure, breaking our hearts.   It just keeps stacking and stacking on top of each other.  Heck, I kinda want to yell BOO right now and see how many people jump.   We are letting ourselves be defined by fear.     Years ago I read that fear stands for something... False Evidence Appearing Real.    Now I know that we can create fears so easily.  We simply manifest them, and then we nurture them and feed them and let them grow, until they are at truly scary proportions!  My question to Tai was WHY?

He walks quietly on the white stones, the silence is bliss and I wait for his comments.

"When you were little and you had all the courage in the world, what were you told by your parents?   Be careful, you are not bullet proof, don't do that, don't take risks.   Defined by that learning over a period of years, you have become expectant of things to challenge your world.  Your perception of what makes you happy has become very narrow and defined in a small way.  You simply got used to living within those narrow constraints.   In some ways it became your guideline for your life.   Any steps outside of this realm became a "risk" and you stopped simply taking them.  If anything went wrong as you stepped outside this perceived comfort zone, you just told yourself "see I knew it would happen.  I am safer in my small world".     Fear defined you, narrowly.

There is a many platitudes of dealing with fear.  "Feel the fear and do it anyway?"  "Walk through the fear and get to the other side".   Many, many more as well, however you must address also within this WHY you fear.   When you look at the programming of fear, you simply will find there is no valid reason.   Most will come up with "What if I fail?, it doesn't work? I lose money? I get stuck?"  These are not reasons, these are excuses, based on fear.   Take the time to truly go within and find out WHY you fear.  Is it your own programming? Society?  Fear of risk? Change?  All of these things can be changed simply by your perspective.   If someone offered you money to enable you to start a business.. why do you immediately think what's the catch?    To work beyond the fear you must own that you have the fear but self empower yourself past it, with plans, goals, alternatives and TRUST.

More people in the world have got through their lives living for the moment with joy and trust to find it wasn't as bad as they expected.  Now if they would only PLAN more enjoyment in their lives, and embrace what makes them passionate without the fear of failing..  They would enjoy their lives more.    This coming year is a wonderful year of manifestation.   If you choose to manifest fears.. that is what you get.  If you choose to manifest wonderful experiences, that too is also what you get.    Choose for you, in anticipation, not fear".

I nod, "How do I stop people owning this fear?  Like the little boy?  he cannot believe that for himself, someone must have told him?".    He shakes his head.  "Understand this, there will always be something.  Solar Flares, Meteorites, Earthquakes, Floods, Movement of the Planet.   These things happen regardless, if you live in fear you are owned by it.  When someone is in that space, it is NOT for you to change this, this learning is for themselves.  They must be open to considering other more joyous possibilities.  This comes from self, not from another.   All you can do is INSPIRE, by living your own life as fully as possible".

I nod again.  2012 was a year of self, of understanding and focusing on what you need for you in yourself.  You cannot change some one, you can't they have to want to accept things for themselves.  2012 challenged that as well.  2013 opens its arms gloriously anticipating great things from us.  Don't fear the year coming, plan wonderfully, go after what you want, be passionate, love massively and most of all, embrace the chance to be all you can be.  Simply it is time.