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Jacqueline's Blog - 10 Good things to consider physically and spiritually...

Over the last couple of months I have been working within the chambers of the Heart Chakra.  Some moments have been fantastic, awe-inspiring, other just plain old HARD WORK as I work on issues that I have buried for years and years within the pockets of my mind, body and heart...  The journey into Self was always going to be hard and as one of my Beloved Guides said "The Biggest Battle will be with Self".  Singularly the biggest understatement of the year...   I have found that I have all the excuses, denial, and hiding techniques of a master Magician!    I could bully myself, argue for hours on end, wrap myself warmly in self-appreciation, to then the next day systematically unpick all the hard work I had done in loving myself O.o.   Oh the Tangled webs, we weave...

So this morning when I awoke at 4:30am so very, extremely happily NOT!   I decided I would look at the 10 best things to do (and I am conscious that there may be way more) but 10 is an extremely good start to consider in the investigation into self and thereby others...

  1. Listen to yourself more:  Endless, I mean ENDLESS amounts of blather come out of your mouth during the course of the day...  I know this sounds really rude but how many times have you actually thought to yourself, WHAT the hell am I talking about?   Worse you direct this blather at others INCLUDING yourself.  No wonder when people want to talk seriously or if you want to talk seriously NO ONE listens.. Not even yourself.   STOP.. Pay Attention to what you think, the value of it, the energy of it directed to yourself and others... It's worth the five minutes pause to consider...
  2. Own what you say:  This one is important... If you tell someone they are a blithering idiot.  You may well have to own that YOU in your own turn at some point will be a blithering idiot.  Not intentionally, or intentionally.  However it is never, and I mean never, nice to have someone TELL you this..  So when you own what YOU say, you teach yourself respect of the words that come out of your mouth and you have to OWN them, even if directed at others. You said it!  ITS YOURS.     If you do not want someone to say something equally unflattering back to you, DON'T Go there....  The energy you generate with both uncomplimentary thoughts and actions, comes straight back to you.  Point your finger... see how you curl your three fingers BACK to you when you point... that's THREE pointing back at you while you are busying pointing out uncomplimentary things to others.
  3. BE Kind!:  Look, I know everyone thinks unflattering and SAYS unflattering things but in the balance of the Universal Equation, there is good and bad.. for every reaction there is a balance.    You can be kind to people and they will pay it forward and be kind in turn.  You can be horrible to self and others will be horrible to you, to get you to own what you are doing to self.  Put it this way, you walk down to the store and you are in a grump!  You snap at the Teller and she snaps right back.  You leave the store going HOW FLAMING RUDE in your head, what a COW.  Ummm Hello?  Whom was the cow first???  No one person needs to humour your bad mood. If you walked in and they were grumpy, that's THEIR issue, be KIND and they will be lighter in their own problems.
  4. Accept down days:  No one expects you to be perfect.  No one.  Well YOU expect yourself to be perfect but com'on is that really fair to yourself?   I feel low today, Aww come here I will give you a hug.  You would say that to your best friend.  Why don't you do it to yourself.   Talk to yourself, I know you feel down and that ok.  Let's plan something good to do so you my dear body whom I cannot do without enjoys itself.   Crikey if you thought your best friend needed a break you would be the first one ordering him/her to have a break!   Order yourself around and treat YOU!.
  5. Give other people a BREAK!:  We have all done this.  Been all happy and chirpy went out and some person you didn't even KNOW managed to fry your brain with their rudeness and insensitivity.    You come home thinking THANKS very much for wrecking MY day.  Ummm *knocks on your head.  They didn't ruin your DAY, they ruined their own.  You AT NO time needed to take on board their issues.  Why on earth did you?   Everyone has days that SUCK... Its called um LIFE, its how to learn to deal with ourselves and others.   The best thing to do is remain happy and chirpy and NOT take it on board.   Send them loving thoughts in a kind way, WE ALL know what its like to have those days.
  6. Dance:  Yes you heard, dance... Dance mentally like a lunatic in your head to your own music, dance frantically around your house to music you love.  You are the master of your own creative life dance.  DANCE... Gawd you can walk around and see people stamping, stomping, crawling and groaning through their lives.  You don't have to do that.   You know I was standing in this very, very, very long line a long time ago, and this man in Spirit came up to me.   "Bored yet?" he asked and held out his hand, "Come dance with me".   I remember thinking WHAT are you nuts?  I will lose my place in line and a very GRUMPY line it was.   He said "Come dance in your head then" and I did.  The time passed so fast as I danced "The Chicken Dance",  "Dancing on the ceiling" and lastly "The last Dance" with this lovely patient man.   I remember as I got to the counter, the woman behind me said "It has been so lovely to hear you hum for the last 20 minutes".   DANCE, to your own MUSIC.
  7. Stop Fibbing to yourself:  Hmmm what a stinker to throw in the mix.   But COME ON people. How often do you convince yourself that it was easier to not go out, its easier to ignore feeling sad, its easier to justify what you said, did etc etc etc.   And MAN the excuses you make up, amazing, creative, down right INGENIUS!  "Oh I could have done that but I ran out of time"  Translated.  "I sat on my lazy butt all day cause I was too chicken to get up and go and enjoy the day".  Another translation "I actually had heaps of time, but I wasted the morning worrying about stuff and then had to JAM a days worth of work into an hour" O.o WOW!   You are GOOOOOD!  Sooooo hows that working for ya?  That fibbing.. Hmm didn't think it was.  Come on own that you are fibbing to yourself.  Apply that creativity of mind to WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, instead of excuses use that wonderful energy to CREATE reasons to do stuff!  HAVE fun.
  8. I feel so tired.... Lets be honest shall we, if you get sick, look after yourself.  If you are tired look at the reasons why? Are you eating properly?  Are you exercising?  Are you drinking loads of water?   Your body is trying to tell you something.  Its either lacking something or you have programmed it (YES YOU DID, its your body) to give you the ultimate excuse.  It's right up there with I cannot do that I am SICK.  Ok so rest, but stop convincing yourself you are tired all the time, sick all the time  You manifest what you think.. YOU are owning that.  As soon as you add motivation to the mix the tiredness usually disappears.  Offer you a trip to Hawaii and the wee eyes light up and you... well look at YOU, you  look remarkably excited.   Change it people come on!!
  9. Honesty:  Be honest, it came up in the top one but also you know.  There is degrees of honesty... Brutal honesty. MAN you are ticking me off, stop being so annoying, you are always like this, its one of the things I hate about you.     HOLY SMOKE!  Where did that come from?   That's not honesty that's DOWN RIGHT RUDENESS!    The amount of people I know who say this is honesty?  What is in your HEAD?  Would YOU like it said that way to you?  No one person responds that to brutal "honesty".  What about I'M getting frazzled with you, I think I will get a time out, because you aren't really that BAD, if I hate that, then I need to look at WHY I do because its triggering something in ME!   It's never about them.. they probably have always been annoying... DON'T CLOAK it as honesty.  It isn't, it's rudeness.     Also the phrase "I don't agree with you" is one you are ALLOWED to say.. it is NOT a direct CHALLENGE for you or the other to prove a point.   It is NOT, right I will MAKE you change your mind  under again a "perceived NEED to be honest".   Say what you need sincerely, honestly, but respect the other person's point of view....  Think about it again.  If it ISN'T NICE, is it KIND? and would you like it said back to you?
  10. Believe in yourself:  You are a unique human being having an amazing physical and spiritual journey.   You are entitled to believe in whom you are.    There is an old saying, if you live in a glass house don't throw stones.  However, if you believe in you, you are not affected by what others think.  You simply don't mind what they say because you are ok in you.   If someone is telling you what they think you should do, listen politely, for within it are elements they need to change in themselves as well. But understand wonderfully you have the ability to CHOOSE for yourself and BELIEVE in yourself.  OWN that for goodness sake, its why you have a brain and at this present time are not a sheep.  You don't need herding, shearing, or a flock.   Stand out and be you and BELIEVE in you.  Don't spend hours trying to convince people you are special, they are too preoccupied with themselves and you don't need to, you already are SPECIAL.  Leave it at that.

So there you have it.... some small things to think about maybe.  Some boxes to tick, maybe.  Some things to own? Definitely...   So I'm checking my list, I'm checking it twice... cause I have the CHOICE to be nasty or nice... *winks decide for you the energy of you, that you show to the world :D