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Reduce Emigration from MX to US Empower Children with Libraries

When children are empowered by their teachers, parents, and society, they blossom. When they are not empowered, they wither. The Native children of Mexico, the 14th lowest level on the social class ladder, are not empowered. It is most frequently the parents of these children who flee into the USA illegally to seek an income. Reduce immigration from Mexico by empowering native Mexicans.

People deserve access to knowledge. Rural Mexico is poor. Children work on family farms instead of studying in school. No rural libraries means adults have unanswered questions, a lack of solutions for income. Recycling old books from the USA into libraries built on native land and maintained by locals will help overcome emigration into the USA. Volunteer teachers come but they need an enclosed dry space.

Knowledge is power. Powerful people create jobs for themselves. Emigration to the USA often occurs because of a lack of access to knowledge in rural areas of Mexico. If used books were recycled out of the USA then people in Mexico would have more access to knowledge and less reason to leave their home country.  

I wrote "Empower Spanish Speakers - Answers for Educators, Businesspeople, or Friends of Mexicans." Selling this book will make financially building small rural libraries possible. Communities will be taught how to make the libraries sustainable. My political connections in Mexico will help to overcome typical other barriers to development and/or construction. 

 I'm planning to travel as "green" as I can (bus/train) for three or four writer and speaker tours. I have Dale Carnegie training from the 1970's and I was an Able Toastmaster Silver in the late 1980's. I won a ToastMaster Regional Impromptu Speaking Award when I lived in Florida. I am passionate about helping marginalized Mexican kids.

I'm unkind to Dr. Ruth Payne's theories related to all the poor on this planet. She may be the "expert" in 39 of our 49 states in the public school systems, but in my opinion, and numerous other academics, she is way off base in her statements when applied to poor Mexicans. She also has no scientific research to back up what she writes in her books and says in her teacher's workshops. SInce 1947 I have lived and worked with Mexicans, most of them illegally in the USA and most from poor barrios. From 1996-2008 I lived on the border, just 6 miles from Mexico; I lived within that culture. The last 2.5 years I've lived in a subsistence farming community, full time. I'm driven to tell the truth. I've written what I observed. My goal is to help Mexicans in the USA and Mexico have access to a quality education.

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