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Delray Beach, Florida
Mar 2011

I'm Jackson Dunes, author of the Pug At The Beach books. Pug is a small island dog who is part Dalai Lama and part Jimmy Buffett. Pug shares his life lessons learned from walking the beach everyday. Created in Key West, Pug came to life when I was at a crossroads. With a health scare, divorce, and job loss behind me, Pug stood before me as a beacon of light and hope. And even though these Pug Adventures were written for adults, his magic and charm has touched readers of all ages.

 I also write short stories in the manner of Guy de Maupassant and poetry. All of my work in inspired by the sea. 


Guy de Maupassant

Upcoming Works

Pug At The Beach, More Adventures From The Beach
Pug At The Beach, Pug's Music
Pug At The Beach, Pug Gets Sick, A Mindful Approach To Illness
Pug At The Beach, Pug For Teens

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