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It's All About the Extras (maybe the caramel too!)
Sin (frozen) in a cup!

It’s All About the Extras (maybe the caramel too!)


I stopped in my local Starbucks on the end of my lunch hour just for that little extra “something” needed for the next few hours of work.  After I ordered my drink, I proceeded to the “waiting” area where others that had ordered waited as well.  Right before my coffee was to be ready (I could see & smell her making it) two young gals were told their frozen drinks were ready.  I noticed on the side of their cups the Starbuck’s employee had at least 6 x’s marked for “extra caramel” in their frozen caramel frappucino drink.  The employee then that had actually made the drink told them that she had drizzled the caramel along the inside of the cup, put caramel within the frozen mix, and put even more of the sticky sweet sin on the whip cream that took up the last ¼ of the drink’s top.    These two gals who couldn’t have been more than 20 (by my own assumption of having a 22 yr. old son) were more than happy to hear that they had paid attention to the “extra caramel” request that they both had made, calling the employee “awesome” and “fantastic”.  We who were in line waiting were snickering to ourselves, but commented aloud how they’d be “zinging” by the first sip on some sugar high!  Secretly wishing for our own youth or a little of it, back again.  As I made my way though back to my vehicle and started back to work, it was then that it hit me.  Sometimes it’s all about the extras in life.  The extra caramel, the extra cheese on the pizza, the extra shot of espresso, shall I go on? 


Extras of anything (as studies have proven) aren’t always good things, I mean, after all, they did do away with the “super size” at McDonalds’ when they figured out Americans were getting fatter on it—um, ya think?  However, the way that these girls felt when they knew that the extra caramel had been added and then some, well that just made their day.  I wondered though, how bad of a day could they have had, they’re young, vibrant youth.  It was then that I thought about how hard my son works to find jobs, keep jobs or to find that one thing that is going to make him feel success.  Thoughts also went to how my husband and I feel at the end of hard day’s work.  Him in his factory, sweating and listening to complaint after complaint; and me in my run, run, run and schlep this and that administrative world, have often wanted the “extra” in our day that would cause a sigh of relief or a weary smile.  Like coming home seeing a clean home or finding out that your daughter and/or sons have planned dinner or gotten things ready for the meal prep, making life just a little bit easier to manage; not the answer but definitely the “extra” that is needed at the end of the day.  It was then that I began to understand why that little bit of caramel in that frozen concoction was perhaps those girls’ “clean home” or “dinner done” extra that they may have needed in their own busy day. 


Whether it may be green lights all the way on your daily commute home or your kids doing things for you without being asked, may you all come to know and value the extras that this life has to offer….I promise they’re out there, just wait, it’ll hit you right when you least expect it!


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extra too much

Those girls may have taken extra to an extreme. They're going to crash an hour after drinking all that sugar. Yikes!
At least your idea of extras, Jackie, are far healthier!
Enjoy any extras you get today!

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In fact, Jodi, I told

In fact, Jodi, I told them...enjoy the high, it'll soon be a low!  I figured either they'd crash or rot their teeth or both...who knows!

 Thanks for your reply!  Lots of extras your way as well!


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silly girls

I have sons that age. I'd shake them if they ordered anything with that much sugar in it!! Argh.
My extras will come tomorrow when I'm preparing surf and turf dinner for my younger son's 21st birthday! I'm so thrilled to have them home tomorrow and my daughter-in-law to be, too. The other girlfriend, a darling young woman, can't make the long drive to join us, and my husband will still be sailing in Florida keys. Boo hoo. But we'll have so much fun, anyway. My boys are a joy to have around! All the extras I need right now.
(Certainty don't need that extra caramel.LOL)