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I can still see gramps when he was really old, flailing around in his wheelchair with his electric guitar in hand and his Pignose amp going full blast in the basement family room. Back then he only had a shock of white hair on his head and his hands were all mottled and cramped, but he still...
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I'm  a grown man actually looking forward to the Farrelly brothers new homage to those psychotic, hyperkinetic knuckleheads from New York, The Three Stooges ...  My inner 8-year-old, who's still down there somewhere inside me after all these decades, is yearning for more of the Stooges'...
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Doug Blake had always believed that you could never really know what goes on in the secret soul of another individual. But what if that other person was you? What if you came face to face with your twin, your double, your duplicate in every way? Would you have some intrinsic understanding, some...
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When the police came the first time, the old man was on ice in the meat freezer out back, but I didn't tell them. No way, man. It's funny how something as crazy as a dead guy in your back yard could seem so normal after awhile. But of course it wasn't normal: "Geezer in the Freezer"  — that...
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   SEE FINAL INSTALLMENT,  June 7, 2010         So there's this old guy at our party, and no one knows who he is or where he came from. He just kind of appeared. Now that's not a problem or anything. This is San Francisco in the summer of 1976 and hey, everybody's...
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        It was the summer after the space shuttle Challenger exploded that I first began to realize the Austins' marriage was coming apart. This was August of 1986, the same time as the Hudson Valley UFO sightings. Remember them? People were seeing these huge...
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