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The Fear Cage: is there a relation to conspiracy theories?

The Fear Cage:  is there a relation to conspiracy theories?


Fans of shows as the Sci Fi Channel’s “Ghosthunters” are familiar with the term “fear cage”.  In a nutshell, a fear cage is an enclosed space with a high electro magnetic field (EMF) reading which can cause feelings of paranoia, fear, and anxiety.  The only way for EMF-sensitive people to quell these feelings is to remove themselves from the area.


Many man-made items such as wires, radios, lights, etc. can generate high EMF levels.  The question is, in a techno-savvy world, what is the percentage, if any, of true conspiracy theorists whose interesting thoughts are impacted by being surrounded for long periods of time by computers, cellular phones, wires, lights, fax machines, etc.?  Perhaps high EMFs can actually help us improve our world…perhaps make it safer?  Something to think about, anyway. J


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