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The Conspiracy has been Exposed and the Power has shifted....Now what???

 Good morning everyone!   The first draft of Confidential Communications was written over a decade ago.  It has only been about seven months since publication, yet many readers are noticing even more parallels between the book and our current world.  Whether we are looking at the Bernard Madoff scandal or the recall of dangerous peanut butter products, it seems that everywhere we look we find yet another fissure in the protective template of the financial industry and consumer products on which we innocently rely every day.   In Confidential Communications, Rebecca Lawson and Joshua Tameron hold the burden of exposing the scandal that threatened to bring America to a crippling financial standstill.  On Tuesday, the world looked to President Barack Obama to save us from the same.  President Obama cannot complete this task alone.  It is difficult by definition for someone to lead when there is no one to follow. It is up to us to double check our finances, examine our food, and abide by the simple rules we learned in kindergarten, even if we just start by “playing well with others.”   The most complicated of problems are best fixed with an open mind, and reading encourages an active imagination.  If we encourage others to read just a little bit more and open our minds, we too can assist our new President and our government in making our world a better place for ourselves and future generations.  Again, I invite you to start by suggesting Confidential Communications for yourself, your friends and your colleagues.   Have a wonderful day and I’ll post again soon - Best,J.R. Reardon