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Take a moment with me, will you?

Take a moment with me, will you?


Hello, my friends!  I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the summer which is quickly approaching.


Take a moment with me, will you?  A moment to appreciate what you have.  It doesn’t matter how big or how small….it can be one thing or many….just take a moment.  Your family?  Friendship? Your home? Your job?  Your health?  The safety of your building? How about that bush you planted in the yard that despite signs otherwise, is finally blooming?  The smile a stranger gave you when you held open a door?  The fact that the storm that just passed over my house was only a brief thunderstorm and not a tornado so that I could finish this blog for you all?  (smile)


I say this because life is short.  Much too short.  And it’s better to appreciate the value of what you have in the event that it is God forbid, ripped away from you.


It is difficult to be positive after watching 30 minutes of the news.  Lord knows the weather has not been kind this year.  We also hear about war, murder, the giant oil spill in the Gulf, unethical professionals, the closing of schools, the unnecessary attacking of school children in China and a troubled economy to name a few.   The question is, what can we do about it?  Most of us would think nothing.  The Gulf is too far away for you, right?  You don’t know anything about cleaning up oil, right?  That may be, but did you know that the suggestion has been made that human hair collected at beauty salons may help soak up the oil?  Ahhh….we can all make a difference, whether we are 5 years old or 105.


We need to appreciate what we have, and take care of what we have.  Avoid focusing on all the negative news and bring in more of the positive:  focus on the school children who have been credited with raising thousands of dollars to a worthy cause - perhaps to help cure childhood diseases or collect shoes for children lacking them in third world countries.   How about those who have donated a kidney to a stranger?  Or the woman who found a way to ship homemade food to our soldiers overseas so that they can have that “special taste of home”?  I also read about a neighborhood that came together during one of this year’s blizzards to share the food they had before it went bad via one big block party. 


Take a moment my friends, and appreciate.  This weekend in particular, make sure to appreciate our veterans.  Appreciate those who have served, are serving and will serve our country in the future.  Remember their families and the sacrifices they have made.  And of course do take an extra moment to remember those who have lost their lives while protecting so many people they never even knew.  Should you pass our soldiers at the airport, thank them.  Smile.  If you hear our National Anthem, take off your hat.  Stand and place your hand over your heart.  Too many people don’t do this anymore, but I’ve seen a lot of children doing it as of late.  Be thankful and appreciate our country. 


Now onto this month’s update: 

It certainly has been an exciting and busy few weeks! 


On May 8th, the book signings for DISHONORED began.  I was thrilled to participate in St. Augustine’s School in Elkridge Maryland’s first “Ladies Night Out.”  I met so many wonderful people and signed lots of copies of both CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATIONS and DISHONORED!  It was so much fun watching the lucky woman who won a signed set of the books in a raffle…..a wonderful night had by all!  I can’t wait to do it again next year!


Today I am featured on Author Kym G. Moore’s blog, “Pens and Pals”.  It is a wonderful site….feel free to check it out at http://pensandpals.blogspot.com/2010/05/attorney-jr-reardon-is-found-not-guilty.html and leave a comment!


On May 14th DISHONORED was featured on the blog “Whiz Buzz”, another fun site to discover some new books to read.    Feel free to check it out at: http://whizbuzz.blogspot.com/2010/05/jr-reardon-dishonored.html.


If you’ve visited our Facebook Fan page you’ll notice we’ve been having some fun there too….we’re up to 550 fans as of today and growing, so please join if you have not yet done so!  One fun topic was who readers would cast in a CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATIONS/DISHONORED movie.  We’ll also be adding a section with “fan photos” so please send in your pictures of the books in different places from around the globe.  Perhaps you live in the D.C. area – send in a picture of you with the books on the steps of the Supreme Court?  Or perhaps you are lounging in the yard on a nice day in Florida?  Or perhaps you live in a colder climate and are cozying up with them in front of the fireplace?  Have fun and be creative! 


I’ve also begun to quote your reviews as the status update on the Facebook page, so please post your reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! Here’s the Facebook page if you are looking for it…join us!  http://www.facebook.com/pages/wwwjrreardonconfidentialcommunicationscom/25917659269


And now, how are the rankings, you ask? 


CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATIONS is still going strong, and again, thank you all so much for not keeping it a secret!  As of this week, it is still tagged #1 on Amazon’s legal thriller category, #1 in conspiracy, #1 in suspense and #3 in action-adventure, with an average ranking of 4.5 stars!  On Goodreads it has an average ranking of 4.32 out of 5 stars!  Thank you everyone!


DISHONORED as of today is climbing the ranks as well!  It is tagged #2 in conspiracy, #4 in action-adventure, and #6 in the legal thriller category with an average ranking of 5 stars!  On Goodreads it has an average ranking of 4.44 out of 5 stars!  Again, thank you!


I hope everyone is ready for a fabulous, safe and healthy summer and has had a chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with some great books!  Thank you so much for supporting CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATIONS and DISHONORED……please continue to spread the word to your friends and local libraries, tag the books on Amazon and post your reviews….they mean so much to me! 


Hopefully I will see you soon for a book signing!!!  I will keep you posted!

Your friend,


J.R. Reardon


Ps – to all the graduates of 2010….CONGRATULATIONS!!!!