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My computer screen feels like a confessional:  “…it has been approximately 4 months since my last blog post…” 


So how are you all?  I apologize for not getting this blog out sooner, but wow, what a busy year!  As you know my family and I moved back to the Boston area after 8 fabulous years in the District of Columbia, and although we are thrilled to be back “home,” we miss D.C. terribly!  We finally sold our southern home, and are now on the Great American House Hunt up here in New England.   So wish us luck! J


I’m having a blast working on the 3rd installment of the Rebecca Tameron Mystery Series…the sequel to “Confidential Communications” (pub 2008) and “Dishonored” (published 2010), and cannot wait to share it with you all!  This week was a great week for writing…I’ve added so many more twists and turns, I’m surprising myself!  Haven’t decided on a name yet…I have a few in the works…as well as thoughts for the new cover which is always fun for me. 


Despite not getting my usual blog out, I have been having so much fun chatting with so many of you, mostly via email, Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook (best places to reach me), and have been able to put faces with many names for my Boston area fans.  It’s amazing, thrilling and humbling connecting with fans from all over the world who have read, enjoyed and told others about my books.  More book signings are in the works, so I’ll update you when we have firm dates!


As for the first two books in the series, they are still going strong, and it’s all because of YOU!  It has been 2 years since “Confidential Communications” has been published, and CC still ranks #16 in Conspiracy on Amazon, #17 in Legal Thriller and #8 in Action-Adventure!  Starred rankings also remain strong….4 stars on Amazon, 4.5 stars on Barnes and Noble and 4.24 stars on Goodreads!  And to celebrate, all you Kindle Readers have the opportunity to download “Confidential Communications” for a holiday sale price of only $3.96!!!


My second baby, “Dishonored,” has been out for almost a year now.  It ranks #17 in Conspiracy on Amazon, #18 in Legal Thriller and #6 in Action-Adventure….pretty cool since we’re competing with millions of books, including many new best-sellers!  Starred rankings include 5 stars on Amazon, 5 Stars on Barnes and Noble and 4.62 stars on Goodreads! 


Take advantage of those holiday sales now!  And don’t forget: if you purchase paperback or hardcover versions of the book, email me a copy of your receipt, and I’ll be happy to send you a signed bookplate to stick inside.  Signed books make great gifts, and are fun collectibles!  My most recent signing was for a woman in New Zealand!


Now I know I’ve preached this in the past, but we’re in the midst of the holiday season.  Don’t forget to take time out for YOU!  Breathe.  Sit down, light a candle, put your feet up, grab your favorite mug filled with a nice warm drink of your choice and peruse a book, even if it’s only for an hour.  This time of year we all scurry to complete our holiday shopping lists, figure out family dinners, make time for holiday parties or plan our own…..that’s in addition to many of us who have to now brave the elements while rushing to work or school.


So slow down.  Go to bed an extra 20 minutes earlier and get up an extra 20 minutes earlier.  You won’t be honking that horn at the lady in front of you who is simply taking a left hand turn, and you won’t be barreling through school zones only for Karma to stop you at the next traffic light.  If you’re stuck in traffic, listen to the music and marvel in the holiday decorations.  Life is too short.  Embrace it and enjoy!  You never know what interesting things you’ll see if you take the time to peek!


Now no matter what traditions you celebrate, if you celebrate any traditions at all, from my family to yours, have a safe, happy and healthy holiday season! 


Your friend,

J.R. Reardon