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With the Autumn Season quickly approaching, I know that I am not alone in feeling as if I am buried underneath a constantly-expanding “to-do” list.  In fact, I don’t see my “to-do” list becoming a “to-done” list anytime soon.  It probably doesn’t help that I keep rewriting more “to-do” lists, and placing them in various spots in my house.  They serve no real purpose other than a constant reminder of how busy I am, or perhaps how I think I need to be.

As a little girl, back to school season also included a great tradition: “the turning back of the clocks”.  “Fall behind; spring ahead,” my mother would always say.  This morning, I wondered what would happen if I gave myself that very same advice:  fall behind; spring ahead.

I ask all of you to do the same (I know that most states change the clocks earlier now, but bear with me on this one.).   I challenge you to begin by taking one day a month, then perhaps one day a week, to let yourself “fall behind.” 

Put your “to-do” lists aside.  Do something you haven’t done before: take advantage of that low-humidity sunny day, read and enjoy a cup of coffee in the park.   Ride a camel.  Milk a cow.  Take that crazy exercise class you have been eying for over a year.  Have dessert with some friends in a new restaurant.  Try on a pair of shoes you can’t afford.  Do these things just because you can.

I can almost guarantee you that if you do so, you will feel refreshed – perhaps enough to “spring ahead.”  

This month, as the rest have been, has been an exciting one for me.  I have received a lot of positive feedback on my book, CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATIONS, and am excited to release the sequel, DISHONORED, very soon. 

On Sunday, September 27, 2009 I will be in the Author’s Tent, signing copies of CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATIONS at the Baltimore Book Festival.  Please stop by and say hello! 

As always, I thank you for not keeping CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATIONS a secret, and ask that you keep this book that has held on to the #1 spot tagged “Conspiracies” on Amazon for months now in mind when you order your next batch of books for yourself, for your friends, or suggest it to your libraries.   The number of fans on Facebook is now over 150 and we have almost 300 followers on Twitter.  I’ve loved getting to know you all, and am excited to share the next leg of this journey with you!

Your friend,


J.R. Reardon