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What a month we've had! First of all, the new website is up and running at last...please stop by, take a look and tell your friends!!! www.jrreardon.com

This morning I awoke to find that CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATIONS has received another fabulous review on Amazon! Check it out below...

"****Mystery fans, meet attorney Rebecca Lawson, May 25, 2009
By Reads to Sleep

In J. R. Reardon's first book, Confidential Communications, we meet a very likable protagonist named Rebecca Lawson. She is an idealistic young attorney with a terrific sense of humor who has just purchased a log cabin in Deering, Vermont. Shortly after her arrival in Deering, she is already dating the son of the country store's owner, Charlie McCabe, and establishing her practice. Life is good. Then two things happen: Charlie McCabe disappears, and Lawson becomes the corporate attorney of Allan Richards, CEO of Financial Investments. Richards hires her to investigate one of his employees, but suddenly Lawson's case morphs into one involving national and international conspiracies, manipulation of financial markets, and murder.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this book is listening to Lawson talk about what it is like being a brand-new lawyer. She shares her thoughts about a lawyer's responsibility to a client in matters as small as returning phone calls and as large as the confidential communications doctrine. We learn about Lawson's experiences with probate and family court, juvenile cases, and personal injury cases. Lawson explains the concept of "zealous advocacy" that she learned in law school, what the term "a big case" means for a lawyer, and how the ideal judge runs a courtroom. Her dream is to become a judge herself.

Reardon's characters are so nicely drawn that I felt I could recognize them in a coffee shop. While she was in law school, Lawson developed a close friendship with a fellow student named Joshua Tameron. Tameron is the kind of guy all young women (and men) would like as a friend--honest, thoughtful, funny, and smart. Luckily for Lawson and the reader, Tameron joins the investigation.

The plot in this book is ambitious, but Reardon explains the workings of the stock market and how financial crimes are committed in a way that is easy to understand. She includes not only the investigation of the crime, but the trial too. The writing is relaxed and clear. It was a pleasure to watch Lawson investigate in this book, and I hope to catch her at work in a future book."

Summer is fast approaching....do you have your reading materials in order? Have you checked to see whether your library carries CC? Are you looking for that last minute graduation gift? Make sure you do so before the sequel is released!!!

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