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The Covert Messiah
Sitting in meditation, J R Lankford—globe-trotting electrical engineer turned novelist, admittedby MENSA and TOPS—entered an altered state of consciousness and experienced the seemingly impossible. Those moments became the principal inspiration for The Covert Messiah in which the cloned Jesus of her series returns to earth. His mission? To help humanity transition to a higher level...
The Sacred Impostor.jpg
From the penthouses and ethnic hubbub of New York, to the grand casas and poverty of Mexico City, from the Vatican to the altars of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a thrilling battle ensues over the second infant whose genes may be divine. This drama of Mexican culture, family ties, sex and greed, explores human smuggling and the reasons for it, the ancient healing art of...
In Italy, a devoted mother and child live in secret.  In New York, a dangerous billionaire with Vatican ties keeps a coma patient alive in hopes of locating the boy who may have the genes of Jesus of Nazareth. "A fast paced and riveting tale ... The Secret Madonna is solid reading, recommended." -- Midwest Book Review“This is a gripping story, beautifully told. ” --  Lynn...
The Jesus Thief.jpg
The Jesus Thief is the suspenseful story of a momentous undertaking—an attempt to clone Jesus of Nazareth. At its center is wealthy New York microbiologist Dr. Felix Rossi who burns with unspoken questions as he leads a scientific investigation of the Shroud of Turin. Do the linen threads contain the blood of Christ? Is the DNA still intact? With all the chills of high...