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         It’s a Friday afternoon in October 1970, on a college campus in western Pennsylvania, and Nick Copeland is quietly going out of his mind. On the brink of throwing himself out the window, he decides instead to summon the student next door, Rob Johnson, to help him through his crisis, and shortly afterwards, now fast friends bonded over Nick’s...
  When Adam Füst’s wife, Honnie, suddenly vanishes, the couple’s friends assume she was just unhappy and skipped town. Wracked with worry and confusion, Adam knows there’s more to the story. When the realization hits that he doesn’t know his wife well enough to find her, he enlists the help of a brilliant but amoral cop to comb the streets of Paris for her. The deeper their...
  After fleeing to Paris to escape communist rule, Polish émigré and piano player Jerzy Wozzeck finds it nearly impossible to support his family on his low-paying bistro gigs. So when a friend offers a fat payoff for handling a string of deliveries, Jerzy quickly finds himself in the uneasy employ of an anonymous suit and his sensual assistant. With a couple of flawless jobs...
  What does grief taste like? What does it weigh? How does it quietly curve around your heart, begging long-kept secrets to become unburied? When history professor Jill Bowman learns of her husband’s gruesome murder in a seedy motel room, she knows he had no business being there—not serious, sincere Peter, the man she’d known in the most intimate ways a person can be known....
  Divorced American academic David Reid teaches English by day and spends his free time writing mystery novels that nobody reads. In London he meets his new editor, Kate. Blonde and beautiful, she is also mysterious and aloof—and soon captivates David. The feeling seems mutual and the two are soon wed, but Kate quickly spirals into a deep sadness. In less than two years, she...
  For years, Alex Ostroff churns out unsuccessful, unpublished manuscripts. His rejection is complete when he’s rebuffed by London’s literary set and unceremoniously thrown out of a party by the host. His exasperated literary agent encourages Alex to write what he knows, but the writer is loathe to reveal anything about himself. Alex follows the advice, however, mining his...