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Egg Story cover
Published by Pop Matters
But the simple truths hidden within this book make it an ideal gift for yourself or a friend who might feel ground down by this not-so-friendly world. Plus, the ninja egg uses a...
Egg Story cover
Published by Movie Poop Shoot: Should It Be a Movie?
If I had to compare EGG STORY to anything, I'd (with all sincere praise) tell you that it reminds me of nothing less than the work of the great Shel Silverstein. Like so much of...
Egg Story cover
Published by Sequential Tart
Grade: 9 I must confess, the cover of this graphic novel looked all riiiight, but it didn't quite compell me to pick it up. Dan Vado, of Slave Labor, literally put it in my hands...
Eating Steve
Published by 3cr radio 855 Melbourne
"This is a fun book... very engaging, beautifully funny. Recommended."
Eating Steve
Published by Playback: STL
Eating Steve is certainly the sweetest little zombie book I've ever read. Schmidt tells a very realistic coming of age story while using the idea of a zombie and a beetle plague...
Eating Steve
Published by The Daily Cross Hatch
"Surprisingly warmhearted"
Egg Story cover
Published by Comic Book Resources
"(Egg Story) touches you -- on the funny bone -- and makes you revel in the glory of the art form."
Egg Story cover
Published by Read About Comics
"Egg Story is goofy in some places and deadly serious in others. From start to finish, though, it’s thoroughly enjoyable."
Egg Story cover
Published by Daily Variety - Bags and Boards
"Schmidt, an Australian creating his first comics work, has created a sweet, silly and funny story about growing up. His art is simple (eggs with smiley faces) and effective. The...
Egg Story cover
Published by Comics Worth Reading
"This is a wonderful fable about initiative and determination, featuring some great comedy, and a terrific use of the comic medium."
Egg Story cover
Published by Ain't It Cool News
"It's unique, very nicely drawn, and awfully funny. And I guarantee you don't have anything else like it."