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Egg Story
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Adrienne Rappaport
Sequential Tart

Grade: 9
I must confess, the cover of this graphic novel looked all riiiight, but it didn't quite compell me to pick it up. Dan Vado, of Slave Labor, literally put it in my hands, "I think you'll really like this," he said. He chortled, and then said something like, "This is possibly the funniest f---ing thing we've ever published".

He's right.

And let me clarify — not every page is "oh my god that's so fucking funny". It's all about the wind-up. There can be pages of story and setup which are interesting in themselves and pleasant to read. In fact some parts went on a bit too long for me, which is arguably not necessary, but is also not bad or boring.

But suddenly Schmidt will throw in something completely unexpected. And at least three times, reading this, I burst into laughter and nearly cried my eyes out laughing. Truly cried. My. Eyes. Out. Laughing.

And it's worth picking up — just for that.

Oh, and there's a ninja. Egg. Story. Egg Story.