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Published by Sydney Morning Herald
"...thought-provoking, contemplative, and exploring the narrative and visual possibilities of his medium."
Published by The Momus Report
"...heartfelt and occasionally raw in its observational detail." "All You Bastards... shows how far Schmidt is willing to push the boat out to develop his craft - that cover is...
Published by Sequential Tart
"The variety of comics here surprised me and I appreciated that."
Published by Greener Pastures
"Do you like the surreal in your comics? Do you like the non-sequitur? Do you like to see someone having fun over and over as they experiment with the comics medium? Then you'll...
Egg Story cover
Published by Corey Blake
"This great comedy has a lot of absurd fun."
Egg Story cover
Published by Too Much Coffee Man #22
"In Egg Story, by J. Marc Schmidt, eggs break out of the fridge and have to figure out what the hell to do with their lives. Love is pursued, video games are played, and ninjahood...
Egg Story cover
Published by Comics and Other Imaginary Tales
"...this is a wonderful all ages story with fantastic characters, approachable art, and a story that everyone can relate to - even ninjas. Grade A+"
Egg Story cover
Published by Comics List
"Egg Story is a HIGHLY recommended short graphic novel... I don't have anything negative to say about this story, except, where are some new Egg Stories? This is a reprint of a...
Egg Story cover
Published by Superpowers That Be
"I picked it up and by the end of page 5, I was heartbroken... The comedy is enjoyable, the emotions evoked are surprisingly poignant, and the art, while rather juvenile, is...
Egg Story cover
Published by Comics Bulletin
If Egg Story were an animated movie, it would be proclaimed as a masterpiece; it's just as good in comic form, and at this price it would be a shame to miss out. This is a...
Egg Story cover
Published by Shelf Abuse
I’d recommend this pint-sized graphic novel to any reader who hasn’t already scoffed at the premise.
Egg Story cover
Published by Bookgasm
Schmidt charms with a simple tale and draws it with an appropriate clean crispness.
Egg Story cover
Published by Comic World News
This little book has a huge heart. Schmidt does the near impossible and makes the reader care about a half dozen eggs from a supermarket refrigerator shelf. Somehow he convinces...
Egg Story cover
Published by Comic Book Galaxy
Digest-sized saga of a family of anthropomorphic eggs, one of whom gets cracked and another goes Ninja. J. Marc Schmidt's clear, simple art style clears the way for reader empathy...
Egg Story cover
Published by Comixfan
Like both Watership Down and Toy Story, Egg Story works so well because it has a lot of heart. Schmidt has avoided turning the whole book into one long joke, and somehow manged to...