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What's in a Blog?

Anyone else find blogging awkward?  It seems to me it's a bit like leaving a message on an answering machine - which I hate.  All I end up doing is babbling and this feels a lot like that. . . Although, I am good at burning time away saying nothing . . . LOL. 

So what do I want to say?  Basically HELLO, I'm in the neighborhood and I'd love to chat.  

Let me know your thoughts and ideas on Blogging . . . 

 What's the best you've read and the worst?  And feel free to tell me this is the worst - I have a sense of humor - really. . . or I just might kill you off in my next novel.  You never know.   

Thanks for stopping by!

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Eh -- blogging is exhaling

I use blogging to vent and exhale.  Or, to make fun of myself.  Maybe someone is reading it.  Maybe not.  Maybe people like it.  Maybe they don't.  I strongly suspect if I write anything offensive, I will be taken out to the virtual shed and get 40 lashes from a bamboo whip.  Just be yourself.

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Thank you Randy.  It was a

Thank you Randy.  It was a nice surprise to find someone had read and commented on my blog. 

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No sweat

I learned that if you go to this link:  http://www.redroom.com/blog

You get to read all the blogs posted, both authors and members alike.

I figure if someone posts something, it is worth a looksie.  Not always worth commenting, but a looksie nevertheless

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I will tell you that my first impression of your blog if that is what you want to call it made me a bit offended. I have blogged now for a year and I find the process very rich and rewarding. I also value what I have to say and I value what I hear other's share in their own blogs. I learn a lot from my own blogging but of course from other people that have something to say. You'd love to chat but you say this type of expression reminds you of something you hate. I hope you can see the contradiction in what you wrote. This is real writing. Have a look around at what people put together. I think it is very much like magazine or editorial writing, people post excerpts of their books on here. If you are looking to write a novel there are many very accomplished and amazing people on this site that you can learn from.

Wishing you good writing