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Happy Holidays to everyone

Hi all,

 It's been forever and a day since I wrote an entry here.  I'm still trying to figure out how to hook my regular blog into here so all I have to do is write once and it appears in the different places.  :) so if anyone has the technical expertise to help me with this, I would be forever grateful!

December marked the publication of my first short story Nightmares  http://www.niteblade.com/december-2008/issue-6-oh-christmas-tree/stories/nightmares-by-je-taylor  and the Honorable Mention of another short Grayson House in the Verbs Crime Scene Contest http://www.readingwriters.com/con_results.htm . I finished the revision of Vengeance that I have an option on with a small publisher on the west coast and sent that off yesterday and all my holiday shopping is done.

My website, www.jetaylor75.com,  has been updated with the full version of Grayson House, so feel free to pop in and take a gander. 

 The rest of the month is crazy as I am sure it is with all of you, but I'd love to start a thread about what your favorite holiday traditions are, so pipe in and lets hear the fun things you do!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and any other holiday that I missed that occurs in December - Here's to wishing all a happy and safe 2009!