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Huntress Year One #2
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Charles Wisniowski

The Upshot From DC Comics: Helena Bertinelli's vow never to return to Gotham is tested by her vigilante fight to reclaim her inheritance from the Sicilian underworld — and by her unexpected feelings for the son of a Gotham kingpin!

Helena Wayne of Earth-2 will always be THE Huntress to us—a sentimental favorite of a bygone era—but Ivory Madison has done what even the great Gail Simone hasn’t quite manage to pull off. She’s gotten us to really feel for the character of Helena Bertinelli.

Since her clumsy post-CRISIS introduction some 20 years ago, we’ve seen Huntress Bertinelli's as a pretender. We were never impressed with her origin as an orphaned mafia princess as it seemed to too much like Bruce Wayne’s.

It didn’t help that over the years the character didn’t get a lot of respect—in part because Huntress Bertinelli was always written as a brute with a pretty face but blinded by rage into doing dumb things.

It was a little rough out of the gate for rookie writer Madison in the first issue but she has really hit her stride here in issue 2. Madison paints a picture not just of young Helena making her way in the world but of the world from which she comes.

It’s world of violence and power and where women are either Madonnas or Whores but either one is less than the equal of a man—naked sexism.

Whereas Bruce Wayne’s defining moment came at the murder of his parents, the murder of Helena Bertinelli's family was only just the beginning and she had to endure constant assaults on her character if she ever strayed out of her “place.”
It’s no wonder that The Huntress was so ruthless—she had to be just to survive.

It also explains why she butts heads with Dark Knight so often. She doesn’t take Bleep from any man…not even a Batman.

We don’t think it’s too early to start thinking about a Huntress ongoing series with Madison as the writer.